United States

Frenzied chords of a guitar that seems to burn, rhythmic plucks of a suggestive bass and the perfect synchrony of a keyboard and drums that set the beat. United States is the greatest rock&roll ballad ever written.

United States
Monument Valley Estados Unidos
“Let us live in such a way that when we die, even the undertakers will be sorry.”
From coast to coast and north to south, America tells the story of a great journey and how people from all over the world found a place to thrive, grow and share. From Los Angeles to New York, it is one of the most changing countries in existence, always looking for new challenges and with its doors open to the traveler.
Seattle Estados Unidos
A world of opportunities...
The United States is a fast-paced and intimate journey in which each place is a different note that fits into an immense score.

Airs of freedom


During the spring, when the days are longer and the temperatures are pleasant for strolling through its cities or admiring its incredible nature; or in autumn, when the whole country seems to be covered by a filter of warm tones.

Mostly temperate

Average 12°C

March to September

Pleasant or warm days, with mild nights.

NUBA experiences

EEUU Space Kennedy Center

Space Kennedy Center for the little ones

Let the imagination of the little ones fly high as they discover the closed areas of the Space Kennedy Center with a NASA astronaut.
EEUU Atelier moda

Exclusive access to New York’s fashion world

To bring out the “fashion victim” side of you and to sneak into the New York fashion scene by visiting the best design studios of artists such as Jill Stuart, Max Azria, Hervé Léger or Betsy Johnson. Have the opportunity to chat about their latest creations and receive their advice when shopping in their boutiques.
EEUU Grand Canyon

Epic adventures on land, at sea and in the air

Be amazed by the most iconic landscapes of the United States by land, sea or air. Drive luxury cars in Las Vegas, levitate in a hot air balloon over the Napa Valley, fly with a buggy ride over the desert dunes or dispel any doubts and fears when contemplating the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon of Colorado.


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United States