Wellness and personal health are ideal reasons for a journey of care and discovery, one in which to combine ancient knowledge with the most innovative techniques, making it possible for your next trip to be not only an opportunity to disconnect, but to return with fully recharged energy.

Yoga frente al Taj Mahal


Seeking peace at the Taj Mahal

Take a light bath with the first light of dawn and breathe deeply before starting the day with a private yoga class. Flow with the movements of this ancient art in front of the iconic Taj Mahal palace, following the teachings of an authentic master and connecting with this unique environment on a deep and spiritual level.
Maldivas spa


A holistic experience

Combining ancient healing knowledge with the latest health and wellness methods to take care of mind, body and soul.
Tailandia bubha yoga


Yoga at Gong Wu Pagoda

Feel closer than ever to Nirvana and greet the new day with a private yoga class at the Gong Wu pagoda, with a master of the discipline and the dragons on the columns as your only company.
Japón templo Kyoto


Zen meditation with monks in Kyoto

Appreciate the beauty and historical value of Kyoto by touring its most important temples with the monks and abbots who inhabit them. Stroll through its delicate gardens, where everything seems to be in perfect balance, and try the Zen method of meditation in rooms closed to the public.
Malasia yoga


Yoga and tai chi in private

Rediscover the importance of taking care of your mind and body in a private yoga and tai chi session with a respected teacher. Regain strength and start the day full of energy with a healthy brunch.
México Spa


Mexican-style wellness

Give new meanings to words like ‘luxury’ or ‘wellness’ by relaxing at the spa, while enjoying authentic Mexican rituals, wellness therapies and world-class face and body treatments.
Masaje en Seychelles

Beaches of Africa

A moment for you in Seychelles

Dedicate time to our self-care by receiving a wonderful massage in the open air, on top of a gentle hill, or by abstracting yourself in a meditation session on the mountain of Petite Anse. Release tension and adrenaline surfing the perfect waves of the Seychelles.