Lost in the very passage of time and protected by mountain ranges in the heart of Europe, Romania seems inaccessible and distant, but that only makes the reward for those who venture there that much greater. Daughter of tradition, it is a land capable of overcoming any obstacle it encounters, resisting like its imposing castles and fortresses.

Bran Castle, Transylvania - Most famous destination of Romania.
“And without having to look; By closing our eyes, we could see.”
Its mountain villages enjoy a simple lifestyle, brightened by their low, brightly colored houses, while Bucharest is change itself, proof that the country is ready to renew and grow.
Avistamiento osos en Bethlen Estates Transilvania
Hidden among green meadows and forests
Between them, like a tapestry that connects them all, the deciduous nature and the Transylvanian Carpathian Mountains form a perfect ring.

Beyond the Carpathians


June, July and August are the ideal months for a trip to Romania, as temperatures are warm but not high, thanks to the breeze coming from the Carpathian Mountains.


Average 15°C

Between June and August

Warm days and refreshing nights

NUBA experiences

Iglesia fortificada de Transilvania

Tour the country’s most special heritage

Admire the unique fortified churches of Transylvania, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, getting to know these monuments unique in the world before taking to the skies over the Carpathian Mountains.
Fauna oso pardo Rumanía

Get to know the local fauna of the Transylvanian country.

Meet the large community of free-ranging bears that inhabit Romania on a sunset tour through the country’s lush forests.
Vista panorámica del Castillo de Bran, medieval y asociado a Drácula, en la temporada de otoño. Es la atracción turística más visitada de Brașov, Transilvania, Rumania.

Visit Bran Palace in private

Explore, outside opening hours, the impressive Bran Castle and be able to freely walk through the galleries and rooms that inspired one of the most famous novels of the 19th century, Dracula. Enjoy a traditional dinner in the elegant Queen Mary’s Music Room.


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