Colombia is like a cup of coffee on a winter morning; like the aroma of the forest after a storm and the color of the sea at dawn. Cheerful and cheeky like few others, the country is a continuous celebration that spreads through the streets of Bogota, Medellin and Cartagena to get carried away while dancing with its jungles and Andean mountains.

centro histórico de Cartagena
“Magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that, you can make anything happen.”
Colombia has a special sparkle that can be felt in its Caribbean beaches and jungles as much as in its colorful towns and cities. It is a country to eat, dance, laugh and say yes to all the adventures along the way. A country that invites you to live.
Parque Tayrona Colombia
Color spell...
Home of Magic Realism, only a land where everything is possible can be the muse and life of such great poets.

Solar melody


In the months from December to February, with the promise of clear blue skies and very pleasant temperatures.

Tropical humid

Average 25°C

December to February

Warm days and pleasant temperatures

NUBA experiences

Colombia Bogota arte urbano

Urban art in Bogota

Learn the work, dedication and care involved in graffiti and appreciate this urban art with an expert through the streets of Bogota. Take the spray cans, shake them well and set out to create a mural of your own that you can proudly sign.
Colombia Chicamocha

Adventure in the Chicamocha Canyon

One of the most impressive geographical features in the world, landing on its bed after a paragliding flight and overcoming the level 4 rapids in a raft. Enjoy the extraordinary views it offers and finish the adventure with an expedition to the coast for humpback whale watching with an expert guide.
Colombia Islas Rosario

Private yacht to Rosario Islands

Let Cartagena de Indias reveal its best kept secrets by taking an excursion to the Rosario Islands by private yacht, canoeing through its mangroves, relaxing off the coast on a sailing boat or getting to know the old city through a bicycle tour, followed by a private dance class and a delicious dinner in a colonial mansion.


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