Costa Rica

If there is a place in the world for reconciliation, forgiveness and respect, it is Costa Rica. Its magical nature, whose fluvial forests find strength in waterfalls and springs, is the knot that holds together a country that loves and cares for its greatest treasure.

Costa Rica
Parque Nacional Volcán Arenal
“In nature nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be crooked, extravagantly curved, but still be beautiful.”
Traditional and quiet, his people are happy with the little things that life has to offer and do not hesitate to share what they have with everyone who knocks on their door. Costa Rica is a gift under the setting sun; an embrace by the sea.
mono ardilla en un árbol de Costa Rica
Natural jade and gold palace
Costa Rica’s heart beats with a drum and, with each beat, seems to want to shout ‘pura vida’ (pure life).

Green soul


From July to October, with the best conditions to experience Costa Rica and get to know its complete biodiversity, with special attention to the turtle communities.

Warm temperate and tropical

Average 25°C

July to October

Warm temperate days with little difference between day and night.

NUBA experiences

Costa Rica Pueblo indígena

Cultural experience with tribal communities

Live a unique cultural immersion experience by spending a day with the Maleku or the Boruca, two of the oldest tribal communities in Costa Rica. Be welcomed in their remote villages with a guide, learn their stories, taste their food and let yourself be carried away by the rhythms of a drum while learning their traditional dances.
Costa Rica Surf

Exclusive surfing in hidden paradises

Fulfill any surfer’s dream and live an epic heli-surfing adventure on the Pacific coast. With the help of a helicopter, access the most remote beaches and bays of the country to enjoy its incredible waves in a privileged natural environment.
Costa Rica Tiburones Martillo

Conservation of hammerhead shark sanctuary

Join the work of the world’s first hammerhead shark sanctuary, in Golfo Dulce, and climb aboard a research vessel to help marine biologists track the elusive specimens. Name one of the sharks and follow in its footsteps throughout its life.


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Costa Rica