How similar Ecuador is to its famous finches... Both are small, silent and discreet, but they have so much to tell and teach us that they have ended up changing the history of the world. The country that is divided between the two continents, floating in the middle of the world, is an unexpected surprise for all kinds of travelers.

Cascada Boca del Diablo Ecuador
“If I had my life to live over again, I would follow a rule of reading poetry and listening to music at least once a week.”
Those seeking nature and adventure will enjoy its jungles, mountain ranges or its mythical islands, the Galapagos. Those who want culture and tradition will dream of strolling the streets of Quito or dancing to the rhythm of bohemian Cuenca.
Vistas del Volcan con lava Cotopaxi Ecuador
Be a marine biologist for a day...
At the center of it all, these countries like to trek through Amazonian jungles, climb Andean mountains during the day and relax on golden beaches at sunset.

In the heart of the world


From April to December, with rising temperatures and the awakening of nature, which covers Ecuador and Galapagos with a blanket of intense colors.


Average 23°C

April to December

Hot days, a bit arid, and pleasant nights

NUBA experiences

Ecuador Galápagos Artesanía tejidos

Lose yourself in the galleries of the Ethnographic Museum of Quito.

Observe the impressive collection of handicrafts and indigenous art at the Mindalae Ethnographic Museum in Quito, after hours and with special lighting that makes the experience an unforgettable and distinctive memory.
Ecuador Galápagos Tortuga mogración

A night among turtles

Sleep in a luxurious private villa, located in the natural migration route of the giant tortoises of the Galapagos. In addition to having all the amenities, it is an opportunity to learn about the work carried out by the scientists of the Galapagos Tortoise Movement Ecology Program.
Ecuador Galápagos Oswaldo Gayasamin

Get a first-hand look at Oswaldo Gayasamin’s work in his own workshop.

Sneak, exclusively, into the home of artist Oswaldo Gayasamin, one of Ecuador’s most renowned painters, and enjoy a Chocolate Tasting session to get to know the purest taste of cocoa.


In the heart of the Caribbean Sea, the Dominican Republic lies like a tropical jewel full of exoticism and natural beauty waiting to be rediscovered.

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