Saudi Arabia

There remains, in the Persian Gulf, one last secret to be discovered... One that holds two millennia of history under a young and magical light, shining with the strength of a fire in the middle of the night. Saudi Arabia is a mysterious destination, emerging like a dream of sand and surprising even the most experienced traveler. Listen to the voice of the mountains and flow, like the waters of the Red Sea, towards a new day full of opportunities.

Saudi Arabia
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“We should never need to be reminded of the value of human life. ”
The undisputed cradle of Islam, its cultural heritage is engraved in the fortresses, mosques and ruins of the villages that carved the reddish stone; while cities like Medina or Jeddah raise their white towers to the clouds as a symbol of union between the new and the old. Between the earthly and the divine.
A new horizon to discover
Film-like landscapes, sparkling cities and a welcoming and friendly people give wings to the adventurous spirit of Saudi Arabia.

Tales of the crescent moon


Between November and February, with cooler and more stable temperatures that make it easier to travel the country and enjoy the outdoors.


Average 28°C

November to February

Hot days and slightly cooler nights

NUBA experiences

Elephant Rock AlUla

The desert sky

Flying over the reddish plains of AlUla, floating over the rock formations that frame the ancient Incense Route and admiring the amazing natural beauty of Elephant Rock and discovering Hegra, the little Saudi Petra.

Riad from the heights

Drawing the Riyadh skyline from the 99th floor of the Sky Bridge, one of the most emblematic skyscrapers of the Saudi capital. See how the cosmopolitan city gives way to an open and boundless desert, which melts under the last lights of the day.

Among corals

Venture into the waters of the Red Sea for a day of sailing and relaxation, with a delicious lunch in the sun. Jump into the depths of this mythical aquatic world and dive through its seabed, rich in corals and schools of fish.


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Saudi Arabia