They called it Argentina because of the silver that runs through its veins and the shine of its rivers, but anyone who has visited it, or even imagined it, knows that this is a land of gold.

Salta Argentina
“Doubt is one of the names of intelligence.”
From lively Buenos Aires, a whirlwind of a city where good food is never lacking, you can hear the beginning of a sensual tango that reverberates all the way to the Pampas and Patagonia, which travels through its gigantic glaciers and climbs the highest peaks that the Andes have to offer.
Perito Moreno Argentina
A tango that speaks of Argentina
Argentina is a challenge in itself, a land to be conquered with determination and courage. The reward, more valuable than the silver that gives it its name, is discovering a new home that will always be waiting for you.

The last tango


Argentina is seen in a different light in spring and autumn, with Patagonia’s nature at its peak and all the life and joy of Buenos Aires taking over its streets.


Average of 16°C

March to June and October to December

Warm days, but with pleasant temperatures, with considerable drops at night.

NUBA experiences

Hiking Perito Moreno glaciar en El Calafate Argentina

Explore Argentina’s legendary glaciers

Feel the icy magic of the Argentinean glaciers by kayaking to them or walking on the millenary ice of Perito Moreno, entering its caves and caverns to know its entrails or ascending the mysterious Cagliero glacier.
Argentina Teatro Colón

Get to know the secrets of the legendary Colón Theatre

Access the backstage of the Teatro Colón, considered one of the five best opera houses in the world, and get to know every last detail of this eclectic monument. Immerse yourself in the pictorial story of Argentina during a private visit to the National Museum of Fine Arts with its director.
Argentina Viñedo Torrontés

Learn all about the creation of Torrontés wine

Live a unique experience discovering the Torrontés sparkling wine creation process in an exclusive private estate. With a team of chefs and sommeliers, enjoy a magical evening with the perfect pairing to savor Argentine cuisine.


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