Virgin Galactic

No matter where in the firmament or what time in history, we all share the instinct to look up at the sky and wonder what awaits us up there. Space exploration is probably the greatest journey of mankind and waits to etch new names in the stars. Virgin Galactic is responsible for the first private space tourism trip, the opportunity to become an astronaut and ascend to outer space to experience the sensation of zero gravity and contemplate our planet from a perspective reserved for only a few.

“The impossible becomes inevitable”
Until recently, outer space was nothing but an impossibility for human beings; a place that seemed unattainable, more akin to the world of dreams than reality. VSS Unity has made that dream a reality within reach, becoming the first private company to offer orbital flights and the possibility of traveling in an engineering prodigy and becoming an astronaut. The experience begins with ground training and physical, psychological and technical preparation comparable to that of the first cosmonauts who ascended to the sky. Unity is designed to ensure a smooth and safe take-off and landing, and maximum comfort on board to enjoy the spectacular views of the Earth from space and the feeling of total weightlessness.
Pioneering luxury in Antarctica
Still in its early stages and with a promising development within reach, Virgin Galactic’s project is but the beginning of a journey that will take the human species much further than it could ever have imagined. This new type of space exploration opens up a wide range of possibilities, applicable to fields such as engineering or scientific research, and brings this infinite universe and its secrets closer to people’s daily lives.

Spectacular views and the sensation of total weightlessness