Each trip is unique

NUBA Essence

At NUBA we have been experts in designing exclusive and tailor-made trips for more than 30 years. Great adventures, tailor-made and in private on the 5 continents, for travelers looking for different experiences.


Luxury and exclusivity

In 1994 NUBA Expeditions began its journey. A colonial-style geographic club where a small group of experts drew unexplored routes on their maps.

sustainable compromise

Our philosophy

Part of the essence that characterizes us is the commitment and respect we feel towards the places we visit and the communities we meet there. Every year we take action for sustainable and impactful tourism.


How Nuba started

Throughout its history, NUBA has left an indelible mark on the world of luxury travel, offering unique and exclusive experiences that have captured the imagination of the most demanding travelers. From Africa to Antarctica, from Mongolia to Colombia, NUBA has been at the forefront of the most fascinating destinations and has made its clients’ travel dreams come true.


Meet the travel designers

At NUBA we have a team of expert travel designers who will help you create your next adventure, always in private and tailor-made.


Visit your nearest NUBA boutique and let our expert designers advise you on your next tailor-made trip.

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