A country that is always flowing, moving forward following the example of its matchless Victoria Falls. The richness of its meadows, nourished by the Zambezi, tinges with emeralds the great esplanades where Mother Nature follows her course.

Silencios de Zimbabue
“Africa, you are beautiful and you will live in my memory forever.”
With the knowledge of its ancestors engraved on the stones of Great Zimbabwe, the ancient citadel, the country finds new treasures to protect and conserve in its flora and fauna, which they share with the world in unique sanctuaries, such as the Hwange Park.
Zimbabwe hipopótamo
There is something different, almost mystical, in the silences of Zimbabwe.
Zimbabwe’s unusual beauty enamored, among many others, the great explorer David Livingstone.

The song of the water


Between June and September, during the dry season, to find higher concentrations of wildlife on the plains of Zimbabwe and to marvel at the breathtaking scenery created by the Victoria Falls.

Tropical dry

Average 27°C

June to September

Slightly warm days and cool but pleasant nights

NUBA experiences

Cataratas Victoria en helicóptero Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls from a unique perspective

Understand how small we are by flying over Victoria Falls, the most special natural monument in Zimbabwe, and see how the earth itself cracks under the unstoppable force of the water. Let the full moon dye them silver in an exclusive nocturnal visit.
Masaje en Seychelles

A moment for you in Seychelles

Dedicate time to our self-care by receiving a wonderful massage in the open air, on top of a gentle hill, or by abstracting yourself in a meditation session on the mountain of Petite Anse. Release tension and adrenaline surfing the perfect waves of the Seychelles.
Safari a caballo Camelthorn Zimbabwe

Galloping through the savannah

Enjoy a different tour visiting the Hwange National Park, the largest in the country, on horseback. Enter the trails that other vehicles cannot reach and contemplate up close the more than 100 species of mammals that live there.


In the heart of the Caribbean Sea, the Dominican Republic lies like a tropical jewel full of exoticism and natural beauty waiting to be rediscovered.

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