White Desert

To set foot in Antarctica is to enter the most inhospitably beautiful place on the planet, taking on a superlative challenge in the form of an unparalleled adventure. It is to leave the known world to get lost in a white sea so immense, so colossal, that it is incomprehensible. Beginning the journey in Cape Town, we will be able to reach the seventh continent and reach places that very few people, throughout history, have ever seen. White Desert campsites offer a comfortable and safe approach.

“From South Africa to the South Pole”
The country of the rainbow flag becomes the point of departure and return of this exciting expedition; a prelude to the white continent from which to prepare for the adventure that lies ahead. The flight from South Africa to Antarctica is a bath of reality, the first moment when you can contemplate the southernmost region of the planet and admire, for the first time, the desolate emptiness that makes this frozen desert so special.
Pioneering luxury in Antarctica
With White Desert, Antarctic camps are much more than places to shelter and rest. They are a home at the end of the world. Designed to optimize environmental resources and supplies, Whichaway Camp and Echo Camp bring the exclusivity and comfort of upscale accommodations to remote Antarctica. The avant-garde capsules offer a safe space where you can disconnect and appreciate the experience from the comfort and warmth of its interior rooms and common rooms where you can interact with other adventurers or enjoy a gastronomic proposal that brings the best of haute cuisine to the distant camp.

A home at the end of the world