It was born from the divine encounter between fire and ice; the trembling clash of volcano and glacier. Through the mist and breaking northern tides, it is a strange land where an ancient power is felt, still palpable when the sky is illuminated by the northern lights.

“Eternity is a glorious word, but eternity is ice.”
Its nature, warm and fierce, creates a mural that jumps from the green of the meadows to the black of the volcanoes and the powerful blue of the glaciers; a landscape so deafening, so much its own, that it can only be explained as ‘pure magic’.
Playa Black Sand Islandia
Land of ice
The ‘land of ice’ is an emerald floating amidst an immense tapestry of blue; a safe harbor that connects continents and welcomes all those who are lost. As strange as it is beautiful, Iceland rises above the fog and displays a wilderness that took one of the fiercest people in history to tame.

Giant's hideout


Between May and August, with more pleasant temperatures and many hours of sunshine.

Oceanic cold

Average of 10ºC

May to August

Cool days and quite cold nights

NUBA experiences

Aurora boreal Islandia

Admire the beauty of the boreal sky in the heart of nature

Experience the most exclusive side of Iceland by watching the northern lights from a customized camp on a glacier with a cathedral and orchestra, dive between tectonic plates in the crystal clear waters of the Silfra fissure, practice yoga in private on volcanic soil or travel the island’s black sand beaches by boogie.
Deplar Farm chimenea comida volcanica

Taste a volcanic menu in a unique environment.

Descend into the heart of the Thríhnúkagígur volcano, extinct for more than 4000 years, to delight in a very special gastronomic experience: an exclusive dinner of Icelandic delicacies in its magma chamber.
Degustación pan

Taste Icelandic cuisine in a unique way

Taste traditional Icelandic bread in a very special way: fresh from a geothermal bakery, where it is baked buried in hot volcanic sand.


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