Wedding Trips

The best stories begin with a simple gesture. Sometimes it’s a step, sometimes an ‘I do’, but they mark the beginning of something much bigger. Write the story of that first great trip of your life together, continue discovering the world and enjoying the most select experiences, designed just for you.

Estacion cientifica Antartida


Exploring scientific horizons in Antarctica

Descend to the depths of the Antarctic Ocean and explore a new world, unknown to most, in a state-of-the-art submersible vehicle.
Calles Pintorescas de Corea del Sur

South Korea

A Tale of Two Koreas

Walk through the so-called DMZ, the Demilitarized Zone on the border between the two Koreas, with an expert guide on the complex history of the region and the countries, which have been separated since 1953.

South Korea

A taste of innovation in South Korea

Let yourself be carried away by the intense Korean gastronomy in a private masterclass. Follow the instructions and recipe of iconic dishes such as bulgogi or bibimbap with a professional chef.
Raffles Angkor Camboya Cena templo velas


Dinner under the Cambodian moon

Wait for the sun to set and, with its rays already extinguished, light the candles and enjoy a private dinner in one of the mythical Cambodian temples. Delight in the gastronomy of Southeast Asia while you glimpse, expectantly, the forbidden dance between the moon and the sacred environment.
Puente sobre el río Sena en París


Private cruise on the Seine River

Experience the essence of Parisian elegance aboard a luxurious and exclusive cruise on one of the most beautiful river avenues in the world, the Seine. Throughout this private tour, we will have the opportunity to discover the most iconic monuments of the city, such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame, the Louvre Museum or the Musée D’Orsay, from a unique perspective, while enjoying the privacy and comfort of an authentic Venetian water limousine.
Yate St Barths Caribe


Navigate the crystal clear waters of St. Barths Barths

Crossing the beaches of St. Thomas and St. John. Cross the beaches of St. Thomas and St. John on a yacht or sailboat to do some deep-sea fishing while blue marlins wait beneath the surface to be seen.
Exterior del barco Aqua Mekong


David Thompson, a luxury dining experience

Taste the most surprising and rogue side of Vietnam discovering the fusion cuisine of David Thompson, Michelin-starred chef, for a gastronomic experience aboard one of the most luxurious ships sailing the great river of Southeast Asia.
Bucear Canadá casquete polar


Discover the extreme side of Canada

Discover what lurks beneath the Canadian Arctic ice cap in an extreme diving session, admire the strength and beauty of the grizzly bear in an autumn forest or follow the polar bear as it strolls through a meadow full of flowers in summer.
Hiking Perito Moreno glaciar en El Calafate Argentina


Explore Argentina’s legendary glaciers

Feel the icy magic of the Argentinean glaciers by kayaking to them or walking on the millenary ice of Perito Moreno, entering its caves and caverns to know its entrails or ascending the mysterious Cagliero glacier.
Cataratas Victoria en helicóptero Zimbabwe


Victoria Falls from a unique perspective

Understand how small we are by flying over Victoria Falls, the most special natural monument in Zimbabwe, and see how the earth itself cracks under the unstoppable force of the water. Let the full moon dye them silver in an exclusive nocturnal visit.
Elephant Rock AlUla

Saudi Arabia

The desert sky

Flying over the reddish plains of AlUla, floating over the rock formations that frame the ancient Incense Route and admiring the amazing natural beauty of Elephant Rock and discovering Hegra, the little Saudi Petra.
Riad Sky Bridge Arabia Saudí

Saudi Arabia

Riad from the heights

Drawing the Riyadh skyline from the 99th floor of the Sky Bridge, one of the most emblematic skyscrapers of the Saudi capital. See how the cosmopolitan city gives way to an open and boundless desert, which melts under the last lights of the day.
Free diver swimming underwater over vivid coral reef. Red Sea, Egypt

Saudi Arabia

Among corals

Venture into the waters of the Red Sea for a day of sailing and relaxation, with a delicious lunch in the sun. Jump into the depths of this mythical aquatic world and dive through its seabed, rich in corals and schools of fish.
Fiji tiburones


Swimming among sharks in a unique aquatic sanctuary

Immerse yourself in Fiji’s tides to get to know this aquatic sanctuary. Put on your wetsuit and jump into the water to swim among the sharks in the shark sanctuary while getting to know an environment declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Have the opportunity to adopt and name one of the specimens to ensure its protection.
Fiji Cloudbreak surf


Surfing the best waves in the Pacific

Reach the Cloudbreak reef, in the company of a team of experts, and surf the best waves of the Pacific Ocean.
Fiji Mountain Plateau


Experience an authentic adventure at Mountain Plateau

Get on the quad and accelerate to full throttle for an exciting tour of the interior of the island of Fiji, encountering some of its remote villages on the way to Mountain Plateau, where you can admire its landscape from above.
Polinesia Papenoo

French Polynesia

Papenoo, immerse yourself in the legends and treasures of Tahiti.

Feel part of the fascinating legacy of Polynesian cultures in the Papenoo Valley, where an expert guide will bring to life the legends and treasures of Tahiti while exploring its wilderness by 4WD.
Replantación de coral en Bora Bora

French Polynesia

Discover marine ecosystem preservation with a marine biologist

Learn about the ecosystem preservation work carried out by the Ruahatu Lagoon Sanctuary and learn the secrets of the coral grafting and replanting process with a marine biologist.
Polinesia Tropical

French Polynesia

Explore tropical plantations and flavors

Let the sun illuminate the plantations of Polynesia and watch the world fill with color as you walk along its Magic Mountain, among fields of lemons, pineapples, grapefruit, oranges and vanilla.
New Zealand13

New Zealand

Experience history in the only castle in Oceania

To be the kings of the only castle in all of Oceania, Larnach Castle, in the company of its current owner. Make the hands of time turn in the opposite direction and relive the stories that took place in the rooms and gardens of the fortress.
Nueva Zelanda Arte autóctono

New Zealand

Meeting with New Zealand artists

Let one’s personal tastes guide this experience and meet a renowned New Zealand artist. Chat and learn at the same time in an immersive visit to the world of painting, sculpture or photography, among other disciplines.
Nueva Zelanda Whakaari Island

New Zealand

Fly over White Island by seaplane

Take a seat next to the clouds and contemplate the immense semi-sunken crater of White Island, while flying over this spectacular island in a seaplane.
Australia Sidney velero


Luxury yachting in Sydney Harbour

Cruise the waters of Sydney Harbour on a luxurious private sailboat, taste fresh oysters while enjoying the ambiance of the Sydney Fish Market or spend an unforgettable evening at the Opera House, the iconic interlocking shell building.
Australia Rancho


Australian ranch country experience

Step into the shoes of an Australian farmer and live an authentic country experience on a historic ranch. Take long horseback rides, spend a relaxing afternoon fishing, enjoy a picnic in the wilderness or experience the Australian outback by helicopter.