Green meadows, blooming fields and the awakening of all nature with the arrival of warmth and sunshine… Spring is a very special time of the year, which gives an extra charm and beauty to any destination and officially inaugurates the new travel season and the reactivation of all social and cultural life in the cities.

Wilderness Little Makalolo


Night under the stars in Hwange National Park

Sleep under the African sky in Hwange National Park and live an authentic “sleep out” experience in an exclusive Star Bed. Let yourself be enveloped by the glow of thousands of stars and the sounds of the night and enjoy an unforgettable night. Wake up with the sunrise, surrounded by the magic of nature.
Safari en canoa en Wilderness Ruckomechi


Unique Safaris at Mana Pools

Access the river belt of the iconic Mana Pools in Zimbabwe, one of the continent’s best regions for wildlife viewing. Explore the floodplains on walking safaris in search of elephants and other wildlife, or enjoy a spectacular canoe safari on the Zambezi River.
Matobo Hills Zimbabwe


The origin of mankind in Matobo Hills

Delve into the history of the Matobo Hills, strolling among its curious rock formations, and learn about the 20,000-year-old natural shelters and rock paintings that tell the story of the birth of mankind with a renowned archaeological expert.
Visita al Museo Lamborghini


Innovation at the Lamborghini Museum

Explore the Lamborghini Museum of Technologies in private and discover the fascinating history and iconic models of the brand. Tour the production lines and learn about the 60 years of innovation that are projecting Lamborghini into the future.
Góndola en Venecia


The secrets of Venetian gondolas

Visit an artisan shipyard in Venice and discover all about gondola building, with its centuries-old techniques. Sail along the Giudecca Canal to the historic Tramontin Squero, where boats were once built, and return to Piazza San Toma for an unforgettable gondola ride.
Roma en privado


Rome in private

Discover the monuments of Rome in private and behind closed doors. Listen to the echo of swords on an after-hours visit to the Colosseum; stroll alone through the Domus Aurea, Nero’s palace; or experience the beauty of the Vatican exclusively by accompanying the keeper of its keys, enjoying the Sistine Chapel in private with an art specialist.
Artesania Vietnam Amanoi


Immersion in Hanoi handicrafts

Enjoy exclusive access and a lacquer workshop in an old shop in the Old Quarter, home of the prestigious firm Hanoia, responsible for the manufacture of such renowned brands as Hermes. The house that houses the headquarters is one of the best examples of Hanoi’s classical architecture, completely restored and protected by the city’s architectural heritage office.
Hibana by Koki Hanoi


Michelin star teppanyaki dinner

Experience a unique dining experience with a private teppanyaki dinner at HIBANA by KOKI, with Michelin-starred head chef Yamaguchi Hiroshi Hiroshi. Be captivated by the chef’s culinary mastery as you savor the exquisite flavors of Japanese cuisine in an intimate and sophisticated setting.
Surf en Indonesia


Surfing the best wave in the world

From iconic Bali to the remote island of Sumba, Indonesia is a surfer’s dream. With the guidance of local experts, go out in search of the perfect wave, find endless tube tunnels and enjoy the thrill and freedom that only surfing can provide.
Safari a Caballo Kenia


Horseback safari

Explore African nature on a horseback safari, accompanied by a private guide. During the ride, you’ll have the unique opportunity to spot a variety of wildlife, from majestic zebras and impalas to elegant giraffes. Feel the thrill of getting close to these animals while riding through the savannah.
Soneva Secret cena privada Maldivas


Dinner under the stars

Travel through the cosmos between courses, enjoying a romantic dinner under the incomparable starry sky of the Maldives, with the expert guidance of an astronomer who will reveal the secrets of the universe through the telescope.
Recuperacion Jardines de coral en Maldivas


Conservation of marine life

Help conserve the Maldives’ dazzling underwater life by visiting coral gardens and participating in recovery and planting programs with a marine biologist. Discover the beauty of the reef and protect the biodiversity that makes the Maldives such a treasure.
Soneva in Aqua Navega en tu yate privado


Private yacht sailing

Explore the Indian Ocean aboard a luxury yacht that fuses sophistication, freedom and adventure. Sail between islands accompanied by a personal chef, a wellness therapist and even a dive master, a surf instructor and an astronomer. Each trip will be customized to suit your wishes.
Velaa Private Island Familia Maldivas


Your private island in Maldives

Wake up in your own private paradise in the spectacular Baa Atoll, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Surround yourself with crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches. Be the only guest, with everything arranged to suit you and an entire island at your disposal, to enjoy intimate and exclusive moments.
A orillas del Nilo Egipto


On the Banks of the Nile

Embark on a unique journey through the history of Ancient Egypt aboard a private dahabiya, sailing on the waters of the Nile River aboard a luxury yacht. Explore ancient temples, enjoy an exclusive picnic on the banks of the Nile, and discover the fascinating pharaonic landscapes that this private cruise offers us.
Private visit Sumo Japoon


Exclusive sumo experience

Immerse yourself in the rich history of this iconic sport alongside an expert guide. Embark on a private tour to uncover the secrets of this ancient tradition, culminating in an unforgettable visit to a sumo tournament – a rare and exclusive event held only a few times a year.
Calles Pintorescas de Corea del Sur

South Korea

A Tale of Two Koreas

Walk through the so-called DMZ, the Demilitarized Zone on the border between the two Koreas, with an expert guide on the complex history of the region and the countries, which have been separated since 1953.

South Korea

A taste of innovation in South Korea

Let yourself be carried away by the intense Korean gastronomy in a private masterclass. Follow the instructions and recipe of iconic dishes such as bulgogi or bibimbap with a professional chef.
Dos Mujeres Coreanas en un templo antiguo con Hanok

South Korea

The art of tailoring in South Korea

Choose from an infinite number of fabrics, colors and prints to make a hanbok, the traditional Korean dress or costume, customized and with the help of a renowned designer.
Opera Budapest

Artistic visit to the Budapest Opera House

Be immersed in the neo-Renaissance majesty of the Budapest State Opera and feel the exclusivity of a private concert in its gilded halls. Continue the musical journey delighting yourself with the melodies emanating from the ivory keys at the Béla Bartók Memorial House.
Bodegas en fila en la región vinícola de Tokaj, Hungría

Touring the Tokaj-Hegyalja vineyards

A region of unparalleled beauty declared a World Heritage Site, discovering the secrets of pairing with its exclusive wines and being able to create a bottle of your own, with which to toast the experience.
Reloj taller Suiza


Watchmakers for a day

To design and assemble by hand a fully customized luxury watch, experiencing the care put into these pieces, in a watchmaking workshop in Geneva.
taller creativo chocolate suiza


All about chocolate

Create chocolates, bars or bars of the best Swiss chocolates with all kinds of fillings with one of the best confectioners in the country, who will make sure they are ready to take back home and enjoy them.
Museo Audemars Piguet Suiza


Masters of time

Understand the well-deserved fame of Swiss watchmaking from the hand of Audemars Piguet, the oldest firm in the country, in Vallée de Joux. Visit its museum and workshops to see the meticulous work that hides each of these hand-assembled works of art.