Destinos para 2024

Destinations You Won’t Want to Miss This 2024

In 2024, the travel universe expands with places that will take your breath away.

Every year, our most intrepid travelers explore new corners of the planet, tracing the path to the most desired and inescapable destinations; those waiting to be discovered through memorable experiences.

Get ready to discover a collection of unforgettable adventures with our exclusive selection of the Top 10 NUBA 2024 Destinations.


Like the eternal snow of Mount Fuji, resplendent and ineffable, Japan once again tops our ranking as the most desired destination. The land of the rising sun offers travelers a unique culture, as deep-rooted as it is surprising, and endless streams of innovation that revolutionize the archipelago with the latest technologies.

Templo Japón


Our roots inevitably take us back to Africa, with Zambia taking second place on our podium. An incomparable country, where the beauty of the purest nature and wildlife find a safe space to grow and fascinate. Surrounded by majestic mountains and rivers that meander through lush grasslands and forests, the country flows like the waters of the Zambezi.

3. Saudi Arabia

Our map opens the doors to a new country that is here to stay, and is that Saudi Arabia is looming in our TOP 10 as one of the favorites of travelers. Here, stories weave through the sand and reddish rocks, while fortresses and mosques tell the unique story of this emerging destination.

4. Italy

Between colonnades and vineyards, Italy presents itself as a hedonistic and pleasurable dream; a theatrical scene in which one of the most fascinating cultures in Europe shows itself without complexes or secrets. Streets steeped in history, gastronomy that is always fresh and art that defies the limits of time leave us, once again, breathless. Italy is, in its own right, a temple to the good life.

5. South Korea

The borders of our Asia are blurring and expanding to welcome the burgeoning South Korea. Like the window of a temple open to tomorrow, past and future intertwine in harmony in this land of wonders and unsuspected wonders. With festivals that fill the year with music and color and a gastronomy full of nuances and flavors, Korea claims a well-deserved place in our ranking.

6. Indonesia

Disparate and heterogeneous like few places in the world, Indonesia is proud of the multiculturalism that characterizes it and makes it a unique country, which beats with the same force in each of its 17,000 islands. A paradise of sleeping volcanoes, pristine beaches and lively jungles that prepares a new surprise with every sunrise.

Terraza de arroz Indonesia

7. Rwanda

Strength and serenity make Rwanda a magical land, where the mist descends from the mountains like an intangible and ephemeral mantle. The country, one of the most spectacular in East Africa, is smiling again and preparing for a future full of light and hope, where luxury and nature meet in its dense forests, home of the imposing mountain gorilla.

8. French Polynesia

In the deep blues of the South Pacific lies this unknown Eden, a treasure trove of emerald greens that shines both in its beautiful islands and beneath the surface, in that colorful and varied underwater world. French Polynesia floats among the waves to reach the eighth place in our ranking.

9. Mexico

With the strength of a corrido and the sunlight always illuminating it, Mexico presents itself as a party that never ends. Whether you are looking for nature and history or prefer to enjoy some of the best gastronomy in the lively markets and haciendas, this corner of the New World always has a toast ready.


Norwegian Arctic

We head to the far north to close our TOP 10 Destinations of 2024. There where the sky shines like a boreal sea of greens, yellows and violets awaits the last territory to be discovered at the top of the world. The endless white blanket of the Norwegian Arctic waits, patiently, like an incredible winter dream.

NUBA’s map expands to welcome the most exclusive experiences, beyond the borders we had drawn. Ready to chart a path to new horizons?

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