Guarded by mountains as old as the continent on which they stand, pure as the snow that covers the landscape with the arrival of winter, Switzerland is a natural, avant-garde and gastronomic gift like few others. The Alpine country does everything with the precision of its famous cuckoo clocks: from creating some of the best cheeses in the world to caring for and sharing the vast valleys of green meadows and grayish peaks.

St Moritz Suiza
“A person who wins is a person who believes he or she can do it.”
In its small and quiet villages, with picturesque houses and cobblestone streets, the country’s most deeply rooted traditions are still part of the everyday life of the Swiss, who embrace them with pride and joy. Meanwhile, cities such as Geneva, Zurich and Bern are setting the pace that is taking Switzerland into the future, innovating and surprising everyone who comes into contact with them.
The best kept secret of the Alps
Switzerland makes luxury and good taste its signature, an internationally recognized hallmark. Around every corner, from pristine lakes reflecting snow-capped peaks to chocolate shops that promise unparalleled pleasure in every bite, excellence is the standard. No wonder visitors are spellbound by the elegance of its spas, or tempted by the watch stores where art and science converge to give life to true masterpieces of precision.

In the heart of the mountains


In summer, for touring the country with pleasant temperatures, and in winter for ski lovers.

Mountain Continental

Average 11°C

June to September or November to January

Cool days and nights with considerable temperature drops

NUBA experiences

Reloj taller Suiza

Watchmakers for a day

To design and assemble by hand a fully customized luxury watch, experiencing the care put into these pieces, in a watchmaking workshop in Geneva.
Engadin Lago barco Suiza

The great lakes

Say goodbye to the sun as you lose yourself behind the mountains from a luxury boat, over the crystal clear waters of the Engadin lakes and while enjoying an exquisite aperitif based on local products.
Queso Suiza

Cheesemakers for a day

Travel back in time with a particular, little-known trekking route, to learn about the work of the Swiss cheese makers of Interlaken and participate in the traditional process, as it was done 200 years ago.


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