French Polynesia

Explorers, adventurers, castaways, artists and lovers cast their ways to the sea and, as fate would have it, were led to the calm shores of Polynesia, a crystal paradise that floats in hundreds of fragments on the Pacific.

French Polynesia
Four Seasons Bora Bora Polinesia
“The sea has no roads. The sea has no explanations.”
Long ago the volcanoes that gave birth to them silenced their voices, giving way to a silence broken only by the rhythmic thundering of the drums, which announce the presence of a people who embrace their ancestral traditions, live in harmony with nature and keep every sunrise in their tattoos.
Vista a´érea Polinesia
Daughters of volcanoes and the sea...
Polynesia welcomes in its embrace a scenario in which its ultimate gift is absolute peace and connection with the most beautiful and vivid nature that human eyes can imagine.

Opalescent dreams


The dry season in Polynesia takes place between May and October, so this period is the best time to visit the archipelago, with low rainfall and warm temperatures.


27°C average

May to October

Dry and warm days, cool and pleasant nights

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Polinesia Papenoo

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Discover marine ecosystem preservation with a marine biologist

Learn about the ecosystem preservation work carried out by the Ruahatu Lagoon Sanctuary and learn the secrets of the coral grafting and replanting process with a marine biologist.
Polinesia Tropical

Explore tropical plantations and flavors

Let the sun illuminate the plantations of Polynesia and watch the world fill with color as you walk along its Magic Mountain, among fields of lemons, pineapples, grapefruit, oranges and vanilla.


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French Polynesia