Ver aurora boreal en Laponia Finlandia

Guide to travel and see the Northern Lights in Lapland

The Northern Lights are one of the most impressive natural phenomena in the world, a dance of lights that captivates all those who are lucky enough to witness it.

On the edge of the Arctic Circle, where silence is interrupted only by the soft crunch of snow beneath your feet, one of nature’s most extraordinary spectacles unfolds: the Northern Lights. The colors that dance in the night sky attract travelers from all over the world in search of a truly magical and exclusive experience.

Discover the beauty and mystery of the Northern Lights in the breathtaking region of Lapland, Finland. From dinners under the glow of the northern lights to snowmobile adventures through snowy forests, get ready for some unique experiences.
unique and exclusive
and exclusive experiences. Let yourself be carried away by the fascination of this celestial phenomenon in one of the most privileged destinations on the planet.

Northern Lights: A Unique Natural Spectacle

The aurora borealis, also known as the“northern lights“, is a celestial phenomenon caused by the interaction between charged particles from the sun and the earth’s atmosphere. Although they appear to be close to Earth, they actually form more than 100 kilometers above the Earth’s surface. This occurs when solar winds, composed of particles emitted by the sun, stir up the atmospheric gases of our planet.

A scientific phenomenon that almost seems otherworldly, creating a ballet of colors that dance across the night sky, from vibrant greens to shades of purple and pink. For this reason, watching them is a truly magical experience, coveted by travelers from all over the world.

Auroras boreales Laponia

Best Destinations to Experience the Northern Lights

Lapland, in Finland, is an exceptional destination to witness the Northern Lights, offering a variety of exclusive and luxurious locations beyond the capital city of Rovaniemi. Destinations such as Levi, Ruka and Inari stand out for their unique experiences in stunning natural settings, with fewer tourists and a deeper connection to the wild beauty of the Arctic.

Levi, in particular, is known for its combination of modern amenities and unspoiled landscapes. Located between snow-capped mountains and boreal forests, it is a perfect place to observe the northern lights dancing over winter landscapes. It also offers a wide range of exciting activities, from skiing and snowmobiling to dog sledding and guided reindeer watching tours.

Ruka, another outstanding destination in Lapland, attracts nature lovers with its breathtaking views of frozen lakes and snow-covered forests. Here, you can enjoy an authentic and peaceful experience while observing the northern lights in an almost magical environment far from the urban lights.

On the other hand, Inari, located in the most remote region of Lapland, offers a more intimate and authentic experience. With its stunning arctic scenery and rich Sami culture, it is the ideal destination to learn about local tradition while marveling at the northern lights dancing in the starry sky.

Aurora boreal huskies

Planning Your Trip: When and How

The best season to see northern lights in northern Finland is from the end of August to April. During these months, the darker nights increase the chances of spotting this fascinating phenomenon. Although winter is the most popular season to witness the auroras, in reality, fall and spring are the seasons when they are most active and vibrant.

To see Northern Lights, you need clear skies and, also, a bit of luck. In Lapland, they are visible approximately 200 nights a year, especially the further north we are.

Enjoying this spectacle floating in the weightlessness of the waters of a lake at dusk or from the shelter of our own igloo, elevates this already incomparable experience. Just the silence and our curiosity welcoming the magical bursts of colors that streak across the sky above us.

Aurora boreal lago Inari

Unforgettable Experiences Under the Northern Lights

The illuminated sky thus becomes the perfect backdrop for enjoying private dinners in the snow, unique accommodations in log cabins next to frozen lakes with glass roofs to contemplate the northern lights, and private tours with experts who will take us to find them far from the overcrowding of other places.

In addition, during the day, while we wait to find these colored lights, the options are equally exciting: from snowmobile safarisfrom ice fishing on frozen lakes, ice karting, visits to reindeer and husky farms, sleigh rides through the amazing Finnish wilderness to downhill skiing. the best ski slopes of the country.

If we venture to the northern lands in the days leading up to Christmas, a family experience unique awaits to make this trip even more special; among the nature of Lapland we will find an enchanting village, where stands the Santa’s Secret House. Little ones, and not so little ones, will have the opportunity to experience a magical moment, meeting Santa Claus himself!

Practical Tips for Aurora Hunters

Witnessing the aurora borealis is a unique and exciting experience that requires a minimum of preparation and, above all, patience. Therefore, we have compiled some practical tips to maximize your chances of observing this celestial phenomenon in all its splendor:

Choose the right season: The best time to see the Northern Lights in Lapland is from late August to early April. During these months, the nights are darker, which increases the chances of spotting the northern lights.

Look for clear skies: The Northern Lights are visible on clear, cloudless nights. Stay informed about weather conditions and seek locations away from light pollution for better visibility.

Wear appropriate clothing: Temperatures in Lapland can be extremely cold, especially during the winter. Be sure to wear warm, cold-resistant clothing, including gloves, scarf, hat and waterproof boots.

Prepare your photographic equipment: If you want to capture the northern lights in all their splendor, bring a camera with a tripod and adjust the settings for night photography. A wide-angle lens will allow you to capture a wide field of view of the sky.

Ask the locals: The locals are experts at spotting Northern Lights. Ask at your lodging or visitor centers about the best places and times to observe them.

Be patient: The northern lights can be unpredictable. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see it on your first night. Sometimes it’s worth the wait when the sky lights up with impossible colors.

Enjoy the moment: Beyond the photographs, take time to enjoy and absorb the beauty of the northern lights. It is a natural spectacle that leaves a lasting impression on the heart.

Safari moto de nieve bajo auroras boreales en Octola
Credit: Octola

Stories and Legends of the Northern Lights

For centuries, the aurora borealis has been a source of inspiration and wonder for northern cultures. In the traditions of the indigenous peoples of Lapland and other Arctic regions, the northern lights are shrouded in myths and legends that add a layer of mystery to this celestial phenomenon.

In Norse mythology, the aurora borealis was considered the bridge between gods and humans. It was said to be a path of light connecting the earthly realm with the heavenly, allowing communication between divine and mortal beings.

Another popular legend in Lapland is the story of the Arctic fox, which, according to Sami tradition, runs across the snowy peaks creating sparks in the sky with its tail. This poetic image explains the glow and movement of the northern lights.

These stories and legends reflect the deep emotional and spiritual connection that northern cultures have with the aurora borealis. Observing the northern lights is more than a natural event; it is an encounter with the history, tradition and ancestral magic of the region.

Aurora boreal lago Finlandia
Visit Finland

Seeing northern lights in Lapland is more than just a trip; it is a transformative experience that will be etched in your memory forever.

Let yourself be enveloped by the exclusivity and beauty of this natural phenomenon, and discover why a luxury trip to Lapland is an unmissable opportunity for adventure and nature lovers. With each flash of light in the sky, you will feel the presence of an ancient legacy that lives on in the heart of these arctic lands.


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