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Discover 5 Books That Awaken Your Traveling Spirit

Today, Book Day, we want to share with you five works that invite you to explore the world through their pages.

Our travel expert, Talya Kivanc, has selected these fantastic books that not only tell stories, but also open doors to new horizons and unique experiences. Each page is an invitation to explore, learn and dream of faraway destinations.

Let us guide you on this inspiring journey through literature, where each book is an opportunity to discover the world in a whole new way.

Libros de viajes

India – Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts

One of the most powerful books I have had the privilege of reading tells a story so extraordinary that it seems to be taken out of an adventure novel, but it is totally real. It was not written with the intention of encouraging travel, but rather chronicles the incredibly daring life of the author, Gregory David Roberts, who escaped from Australia to Mumbai in a feat that defies the imagination.

The story focuses on his life in Mumbai, where he settled in one of India’s poorest neighborhoods and became a doctor, fully integrating himself into the community. He learned the local language – Marathi – and this immersion allowed him to connect deeply with people from a culture completely different from his own. However, he also recounts moments of great risk, such as escaping from prison, working with the mafia or venturing into countries like the Congo and Pakistan as an international fugitive.

When it comes to literary travel, Shantaram is a unique experience. This story captivated my heart because, throughout his journey through fascinating and unknown parts of the world, Gregory David Roberts is able to masterfully convey the sensations and essence of the destinations, people and culture he encounters along the way.

“With her account, I could feel the authenticity of Mumbai, from its bustling streets to its humbler neighborhoods. Roberts’ ability to connect with people and become part of the community is touching. I fell in love with Mumbai and the characters that populate the pages through their eyes. Thus, it awakened in me an unwavering desire to travel to India.
to travel to India
for myself.”

Taj Mahal Palace Hotel Mumbai

Turkey – Istanbul: City of Majesty at the Crossroads by Thomas F. Madden

Istanbul is a magical city and Thomas F. Madden knows it well. His book is more than a story; it is a journey back in time through the layers of history and culture.

This non-fiction account tells the fascinating story of how Istanbul has evolved from its origins to the present day. Written with a captivating approach, this is not an academic text, but rather feels more like a work of fiction in the way it envelops the reader in its narrative.

From the days of the world’s mightiest empires, history reveals how Istanbul became a center of global importance. Through these pages the monuments come to life and one can vividly imagine the city in antiquity, transporting oneself back in time without the need for visual images, only with the words skillfully woven by the author.

Istanbul, one of the most influential cities in history, reveals itself in its different stages: its glorious past, its continuing splendor and its vibrant reality today.

“I always recommend this book to those planning to visit Istanbul(Turkey), as it offers a beautifully narrated insight into the history of this unique city.”

Estambul Turquía

Paris – Paris was a Party by Ernest Hemingway

“Paris was a Party” is an autobiographical account by Hemingway, reflecting on his youth in the city of Paris. It is one of the first books I had the opportunity to read when I was younger, and it has always seemed to me the literary equivalent of the expression“la vie en rose“. This book transported me to the golden age of Parisian literature, where artists met in cafés to share ideas and dreams.

“My fascination with the city comes from this work, and it has always seemed to me a love letter to Paris in the 1920s.”

Hemingway, a literary icon, takes us back to his life before achieving fame, sharing his experiences in the city with other writers who were also seeking to make a name for themselves. From Parisian cafés, he shows us a beautiful but modest Paris, full of hope and possibilities.

Just as the artists of the Salon des Refusés defied established norms, this book defies convention by offering an intimate look at Hemingway’s Paris and his literary contemporaries. Paris not only serves as a backdrop, but also influences the author’s work and writing style, conveying the imprint that this city leaves on each person who visits it.

Egypt – Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie

This book is already a classic, and it is that
traveling to Egypt
through the words of Agatha Christie is a fascinating experience. The renowned author not only weaves an intriguing mystery, but also makes Egypt a major character in the story. Its historical sites, from the majestic temples to the Nile River, are also protagonists; every page is imbued with the grandeur and essence of this ancient country.

“I especially like it because it serves as an inspiration for those who wish to take a Nile cruise. In Aswan, one can stay at The Old Cataract, a hotel that from NUBA we offer, where Agatha Christie wrote part of this novel that is now part of her charm.”

It’s an excellent book for inspiration on your next trip to Egypt (and even if you have no plans to visit the country, it’s a must-read). It is an agile and entertaining read, which involves you in the story and perfectly combines the mystery with the essence of this land.

As a curious detail, it should be noted that, even having seen the movie, it is still advisable to read the book. Not because it is superior to the film, but because it allows you to imagine Egypt in all its grandeur, building in your mind your own vision of this fascinating place.

Crucero por el Nilo en Egipto

World – Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne

As it could not be otherwise, we must include in this list of travel books “Around the World in 80 Days”. This Jules Verne classic was my first encounter with literary travel, being the first book I read as a child.

Accompanying Phileas Fogg on his journey around the world piqued my curiosity for the different cultures, exotic landscapes and wonders the world has to offer.”

For those who dream of traveling the world and discovering an infinite variety of cultures, this book is a gem. From London to Hong Kong and beyond, the true purpose of the story is to take us to explore the whole world in an unforgettable adventure.

Viajar por el mundo

Each of these books has left an indelible mark on my heart, influencing my love of travel and my curiosity about the world and the people in it.

The thrilling stories through remote places were like a call to adventure that has never faded from me. I hope they also invite you to embark on your own literary journey and discover new horizons. Happy Book Day!


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