Villa Bahia del Duque

Bahía del Duque: Exclusivity on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean

Imagine a place where excellence is the standard, where time stands still, on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean... Welcome to Bahía del Duque.

This idyllic oasis welcomes us with endless sunsets over the sea, wrapped in the atmosphere of a traditional 19th century Canarian colonial villa.

Every corner of this enclave is designed to captivate our senses, and it is an iconic and internationally recognized destination that invites us to escape from routine and disconnect from the world in the spectacular Costa Adeje in Tenerife.

Lobby Bahia del Duque

Bahia Wellness Retreat

Bahía Wellness Retreat awaits to revitalize body and mind, offering an exceptional spiritual and physical retreat inspired by the power of the ocean and the sun of the Canary Islands. Here, we can reconnect with our body and let ourselves go on a fascinating regenerative journey guided by an expert team of therapists, trainers, yoga instructors and physiotherapists.

In addition, at Bahia Wellness Retreat, fitness and skin care are fundamental. We will enjoy personalized training at the Fitness Centre with advanced techniques designed by elite professionals. And we will have the opportunity to experience the regenerating power of the best active ingredients for the skin with Biologique Recherche, a line of treatments that offers specific solutions for each skin type.

Bahía Wellness Retreat

Gastronomic Treasures in Bahía del Duque

But the experience at Bahía del Duque goes beyond relaxation. The hotel offers a unique gastronomic concept that explores different culinary cultures. From international cuisine to Italian, Japanese, French, Basque and Canarian flavors, each dish is an invitation to a journey of exquisite flavors.

One of the most outstanding restaurants is Nub, awarded with a Michelin star and two Repsol Suns. Here, chefs Andrea Bernardi and Fernanda Fuentes-Cárdenas will take us on a sensory journey between Latin America and Europe, masterfully fusing flavors and products from both continents.

If you prefer contemporary Japanese cuisine, Kensei is the perfect place. Chef Victor Planas will surprise us with his creativity and freshness, while we enjoy the magical surroundings of the Garden of the Lake. And for a refined French dining experience, La Brasserie by Pierre Résimont is not to be missed. Belgian chef Pierre Résimont, with 2 Michelin stars at his restaurant L’Eau-Vive in Belgium, will delight us with elegant and delicious dishes.

Dream Refuges: Las Villas and Ducal Houses

The Villas of Bahia del Duque are a private and exclusive retreat surrounded by lush tropical gardens. Each villa, designed by the prestigious interior designer Pascua Ortega, offers large and luminous spaces built in volcanic stone with a classic and elegant style. With our own private pool, tranquility and privacy are at their best.

On the other hand, the Ducal Houses recreate a Colonial Hacienda inspired by architectural icons of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. With unbeatable panoramic views over the sea or the gardens of the hotel, they will give us privileged views of the magical sunsets of Tenerife, in an exclusive environment full of history.

Canary Essence

The design of the Bahía del Duque Hotel faithfully reflects the Canarian spirit, from its typical 19th century architecture to its lush tropical gardens that form a true oasis of tranquility and beauty.

In addition, a world of sensations awaits us, with a wide variety of unique activities. Stroll along the Botanical Walk and discover the diversity of tropical species that adorn the surroundings; contemplate the impressive starry sky from the Observatory, a fascinating experience that will connect us with the grandeur of the Canary firmament; or learn about the rich history of the Zamorano family, owners of the hotel, by visiting the Tobacco Museum, where you can discover the local traditions that have shaped this enchanting place.

Patio canario tradicional

Exclusivity and Canarian charm merge in this luxury retreat on the Atlantic coast. Explore Tenerife’s best kept secrets and enjoy a tailor-made trip created by and for you.

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