Hotel Castello di Reschio

RESCHIO: Chronicle of a Journey to the Essence of Umbria

Nestled in the verdant Umbrian countryside, Tuscany's discreet sister, we find a place that is not just a luxury retreat but a canvas of history and modernity. With origins dating back to the year 900, Castello di Reschio has witnessed a thousand years of transformations, from a strategic fortification in Etruscan times to a beacon of noble elegance in the modern era.

During my trip to Italy, I was fascinated by the vision of Count Benedikt Bolza, London-trained architect and patriarch of the Bolza family, who has led the amazing restoration that has restored Reschio to its former glory. Every stone of the castle and its farms has been carefully preserved, merging historical authenticity with contemporary comforts. Here, the past dialogues with the present in spaces that whisper stories of bygone times.

  1. A Refuge among History
  2. Privacy and Discretion
  3. Cuisine from the Land
  4. Exclusivity in Every Detail
  5. Culture and Entertainment
  6. A Sanctuary of Creativity
  7. Exploring the surroundings
  8. Literary connection

A Refuge among History

Imagine staying in one of the eight farms scattered along the hills of Reschio, each loaded with history. Cercoschene, for instance, with its medieval remnants and a Romanesque arch, bears witness to its glorious past. These houses, once in ruins, today are living testimonies to the beauty of rural Italian architecture, with gardens that invite reflection and pools that mirror the sky.

Privacy and Discretion: The Hallmarks of Castello di Reschio

One of the aspects I valued most during my stay was the absolute privacy and the mark of discretion that defines every experience here. In this place, the concept of retreat takes on a completely new meaning, enveloping us in a veil of exclusivity and tranquility that is hard to find in other destinations.

The farms are strategically dispersed across the vast acres of the domain, ensuring that each residence functions almost as a personal sanctuary, with its own gardens, pool, and uninterrupted views that offer a space of serenity.

Cuisine from the Land

I cannot forget the spectacular views from Ristorante Alle Scuderie and the gastronomic delight I experienced there. A tribute to native Italian cuisine, dictated by the rhythms of nature and the seasons. Encounters with private chefs and dinners in hidden places on the vast terrain are possible for those looking for an even more intimate moment.

In Reschio, food is an art that celebrates ingredients harvested and grown on the estate itself, a farm to table approach that not only enhances the dining experience but also connects guests with the landscape and flavors of the region.

Exclusivity in Every Detail

Attention to detail is palpable in every corner of Reschio. This philosophy extends to all the services offered. Even wellness is treated with exceptional care, making it as memorable as it is rejuvenating. This commitment to excellence and exclusivity ensures that each stay is not just a rest but a true personal renewal.

Personally, I fell in love with the saltwater pool, a perfect refuge for serenity, and the hammam, which offers a sublime escape from everyday stress. I also cannot forget the moments of deep relaxation in the sauna and that special treatment I received, a true delight that deeply touched my well-being. Reschio is undoubtedly an oasis of tranquility where relaxation and rejuvenation reach stratospheric levels, making it the ideal setting to completely disconnect and recharge in an environment of incomparable beauty.

Cultura y Entretenimineto en Reschio Italia

Culture and Entertainment

As an art lover, Reschio is my favorite place in the world as life at Reschio is steeped in culture and art. Ancient artworks and bespoke furniture pieces enrich the rooms, making each stay deeply personal and visually impressive.

Of course, entertainment is abundant, every event is an opportunity to delve into Italy’s cultural legacy, enjoying music, theater and l’art de vivre. From jazz festivals to contemporary art exhibitions, the castle becomes a vibrant stage for cultural expression.

A Sanctuary of Creativity

Every activity, from horseback riding to cooking or painting classes, is carried out with an emphasis on tranquility and personal retreat. Even activities with family and friends are designed to feel intimate, allowing guests to connect with nature and the history of the place without feeling overwhelmed by a crowded environment.

Diseñador NUBA en el embarcadero del Reschio Italia

Exploring the Surroundings

Beyond the castle walls, the Umbrian countryside offers endless possibilities for exploration. Glide on paddleboards, walk or cycle through picturesque trails, historical excursions in nearby medieval villages, Reschio serves as the perfect base to discover the beauty and heritage of central Italy.

Reunión en el hotel Reschio Offsite Italia

Literary connection

A source of inspiration… I could easily imagine characters from A Summer in Umbria by Marlena de Blasi. wandering through these gardens, each step and turn between the ancient stone pathways echoing the rich cultural tapestry depicted in her book.

Umbria itself becomes a character full of life and nuances, offered only by such a richly historical setting.


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