The Brando danza Polinesia

From Bora Bora to Tetiaroa: a Journey Of Transformation

In the vast expanse of the South Pacific stretches the French Polynesia, an archipelago where time and sea flow to the rhythm of an ancient melody of whispering islands and lagoons that whisper tales of explorers and dreamers. From Bora Bora to Tetiaroa, the sun kisses the sea each morning of the year, and every breeze carries the warmth of an eternal summer. Here, at the intersection of unspoiled nature and discreet luxury, each step reveals both the visible splendor and the invisible, inviting us on an odyssey that is both a quest and a discovery.

Here, in this seemingly forgotten corner of the world, we propose a journey like no other, designed for the traveler who seeks not just to escape, but to discover; for those who yearn not only to see but to be transformed. This trip to French Polynesia is an invitation to discover a mystery, to unveil a route that many believe they know, but few have truly experienced.

To all those who resonate with this call of adventurous spirit, we say: ‘Ia Ora Na!’

Intercontinental Thalasso Bora Bora Polinesia

Bora Bora: A Display of Natural Beauty and Refined Luxury

The perfect trip begins in Bora Bora, the sparkling pearl of the Pacific, the jewel of French Polynesia. On this island, we find a destination that personifies romance and exclusivity. Here, every moment is a gift of Mana (that powerful spirit that can only be fully appreciated when embraced with all the heart).

Bora Bora seduces from the first moment with its lagoon of intense blue and green hues and its motus of white sand that surround it like guardians of a treasure. Here, luxury meets adventure at every corner, offering everything from relaxing spa days to thrilling underwater excursions.

Where to stay in Bora Bora?

The Intercontinental Thalasso Bora Bora stands as a pillar of sustainable luxury. There, suspended above the infinite blue, the Overwater Teremoana Pool Villas unfold gracefully. From the terrace, the view of Mount Otemanu is simply breathtaking, a profile that cuts the sky and seems to watch over its fortunate visitors with ancient, serene eyes.

The private pool of each villa, a liquid mirror that reflects the sky and merges with the ocean, invites one to surrender to absolute tranquility. These spaces are not only a feast for the eyes but also sanctuaries of privacy and comfort, designed for those who seek to escape from the world. Imagine the sensation of the outdoor shower, where fresh water falls like rain under a starry sky, enveloping the body in sublime freshness that revives and rejuvenates. A moment worthy of ‘Maita’i roa!’, the exaltation of well-being.

What to do in Bora Bora?

The charm of Bora Bora extends far beyond its stunning views and luxurious accommodations. The island is a true aquatic playground, where the warm, turquoise waters invite you to explore the depths of the moana (ocean).

Equipped with snorkeling gear, we can dive among live coral reefs, observing closely the elegant dance of manta rays and the iridescent colors of tropical fish. For the more adventurous, scuba diving offers an even deeper plunge into this underwater world, while jet ski rides provide the necessary dose of adrenaline for the day.

At the Intercontinental Thalasso, the Deep Ocean Spa, strategically located to take advantage of the healing properties of the deep ocean, offers a sanctuary of relaxation. The treatments here nourish the body and delight the senses, leading to complete relaxation while observing the dynamic marine ecosystem through glass floors.

The Brando isla Tetiaroa Polinesia

Tetiaroa: A Sanctuary of Sustainability

To the north of Bora Bora, we continue our journey to Tetiaroa, an atoll that breathes history and nature. A sanctuary for birds, turtles, and all kinds of marine species, Tetiaroa is revered by Tahitians who consider it a sacred place. So sacred that once upon a time this atoll with its white sandy beaches and coconut palms was the reserved vacation spot for Tahitian royalty. It is no wonder that this was the personal retreat of Marlon Brando, who was so captivated by its beauty and tranquility that he decided to preserve it. This atoll now opens its doors to travelers seeking an authentic and environmentally friendly experience.

Villa The Brando Tetiaroa Polinesia

Where to stay in Tetiaroa?

Today, Tetiaroa is home to The Brando, an eco-resort that exemplifies the concept of sustainable luxury. This exclusive refuge not only commits to the conservation of its idyllic natural setting but also offers an unmatched lodging experience, in perfect harmony with the landscape.

The private villas and the unique residence of The Brando are located on the motu of Onetahi, all designed to discreetly integrate just steps away from the soft sand of the beach. Each villa, truly a sanctuary of privacy, is a space where sophistication meets sustainability. The doors unfold to connect the interior with the exterior, creating airy corridors that invite the natural elements to flow freely between the rooms. The transition between spaces is so subtle that each room seems to open up to a new private world, offering a home away from home.

Using solar energy and Deep Sea Water air conditioning system for its daily operations and managing an innovative water treatment plant, The Brando not only preserves the unique ecosystem of Tetiaroa but also sets a model of how luxury can lead in environmental conservation.

What to do in Tetiaroa?

In Tetiaroa, experiences transform into unforgettable memories thanks to the creation of personalized activities that span from a few hours to an entire day. We can stay within the atoll, venture into the depths of the Pacific Ocean, or explore nearby locations, with options ranging from whale watching, archaeological visits guided by the Guardians of Tetiaroa society, to deep sea fishing expeditions. However, exploring the biodiversity of Tetiaroa through the Ultimate Tour is the most comprehensive activity we could experience on the island. This guided experience not only reveals the natural beauty of the atoll but also offers close encounters with local wildlife and visits to archaeological sites that tell the stories of its ancient inhabitants.

Moreover, to end the day on a high note, at Les Mutinés, led by the renowned chef Jean Imbert, a culinary experience is offered that pairs local ingredients with French culinary techniques, thus celebrating the fusion of cultures and respect for native ingredients.

Experiencia en Polinesia

In search of ‘Oa ‘Oa

As in a Gauguin canvas, each experience is a stroke that reflects the vibrant palette of Polynesia and its rich cultural variety. In this setting, colors, aromas, and sounds merge to create a masterpiece of experiences that respect and enhance the essence of the destination, providing an authentic and transformative connection with this paradise.

Traveling to French Polynesia is much more than a simple getaway; it is an invitation to live consciously, enjoy the beauty of the islands and actively interact in their conservation. It is a reminder that our travels can be a positive force, respecting and enriching the places we visit, and transforming ourselves in the process.



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