Obra de arte El Peine de los Vientos, Eduardo Chillida.

Art Enclaves: 4 unique experiences in Spain

An exciting journey through the art and culture of Spain with Shapes by NUBA, where you can live exclusive artistic experiences.

From Madrid to Valencia, Cadiz and Guipuzcoa, these four regions represent a spectacular mosaic that reveals the diversity and cultural richness of Spain.

With Shapes by NUBA, each experience is designed to open the doors to the authentic artistic soul of Spain, taking you beyond conventional tourist destinations on an unforgettable journey of cultural discovery. Join us on this fascinating journey that reveals the very essence of our country’s creativity and history.

Valencia: The Crossing of the Senses in Todolí Citrus Fundació

Explore the fascinating world of citrus and its relationship with art at the Todolí Citrus Fundació, a non-profit organization located in the Valencian Community dedicated to the study and dissemination of citriculture.

In this exclusive experience, we will have the opportunity to discover the foundation’s botanical orchard and delight in a tasting of fresh, just-picked citrus fruits, while learning all about their cultural legacy and importance in the history of art, gastronomy and economy throughout the centuries. Two leading experts, the founder of the foundation and former director of Tate Modern, Vicente Todolí, together with renowned landscape architect Eduardo Barbá, will guide us in a colloquium that will reveal the fascinating intersection between nature, culture and artistic creation.

In addition, we will have the option to choose between two complementary activities: participate in a creative photography workshop, where we will discover the art of still life with citrus fruits and capture our own compositions under the guidance of a expert photographeror attend an intimate conversation with the experts, getting to know the world of citrus fruits from a unique artistic and photographic perspective.

Madrid: Artistic and Scientific Heritage on La ISLA

Embark on a unique experience with Shapes by NUBA at La ISLA (Ideario de Sostenibilidad y Laboratorio de Arte), a space for research and experimentation that fuses artistic creation with sustainability and ecology. La ISLA seeks to find a balance between art, life and the environment, promoting healing, recovery and research through sensitive artistic practices.

We will start the trip by transferring privately to La ISLA in Robledo de Chavela, where we will be welcomed by Lucía Mendoza, founder of the foundation. Here, we will discover the essence of site-specific art – artworks created specifically for a particular space or location – as we walk through this space dedicated to art and sustainability, admiring the works and understanding the rationale behind this visionary initiative.

At nightfall, we will enjoy an unforgettable sensory experience: a dance performance at dusk created exclusively for Shapes by NUBA, where light becomes the main element that unites art with astronomy. The MENHIR performance group will guide us on a unique path where we will be able to synchronize with the lunar pulse while observing a cosmic dance. To culminate this special day, we will enjoy a meeting with champagne with the artist Juan Zamora, where we will enjoy inspiring conversations under the shelter of an oak tree.

ISLA Centro de arte
Lucia Loren, 'Mushrooms,' 2023. Javier Pérez Plá. Courtesy of ISLA.

Guipúzcoa: The Home of Art in the Caseríos Donostiarras

An immersion into the heart of Basque art, starting at the Chillida Leku Museum, located in the Zabalaga Farmhouse. This emblematic space, originally rehabilitated by the sculptor Eduardo Chillida, preserves its traditional identity and is now a nationally and internationally recognized center of artistic creation. Accompanied by a member of the family, we will privately tour the unique architecture of this farmhouse, where mixed masonry walls and triangular buttresses tell stories of centuries past while housing contemporary masterpieces.

We will continue our journey to Aitzeterdi, a 15th century farmhouse that serves as the home and studio of the painter Juan Luis Goenaga. This place gained international fame as the main setting for the film “Rifkin’s Festival”, directed by Woody Allen and presented at the San Sebastian Film Festival in 2020. From the hand of the renowned painter, we will be able to get to know exclusively this farmhouse, of dominant stone on the outside, and to enter into its interior full of life, where the rooms are filled with canvases, oil paintings and peculiar palettes that reveal the passion of the artist.

Juan Luis Goenaga will share with us his artistic vision in an environment that witnessed encounters between great masters such as Chillida and Oteiza, who shared not only lunches and dinners, but also ideas and friendship around a large wooden table. Experience the connection between past and present through the eyes of these artists and be inspired by the cultural and creative legacy that permeates every corner of these hamlets. Shapes by NUBA invites you to discover the magic of art and history in homes that were centers of innovation and artistic collaboration.

Vejer de la Frontera: James Turrell at Montenmedio Foundation

Discover the iconic work of James Turrell at the NMAC Montenmedio Foundation in Vejer de la Frontera. Experience “Second Wind” in a private tour, in a space where light and color are transformed to challenge your senses. This artistic journey invites you to explore unique sensory dimensions, reflecting on the interaction between light and form, guided by experts who will reveal the secrets of Turrell’s work.

In addition, we will enjoy a contemporary dance performance created exclusively for Shapes by NUBA by choreographer Mar Aguiló. This fusion between visual art and corporal expression elevates the experience to an unparalleled emotional and aesthetic level, offering a unique opportunity to explore the synergy between artistic space and human movement.

James Turrell Second Wind
Second Wind" by James Turrell. MNAC Montenmedio Foundation

Shapes by NUBA
each experience is an invitation to explore the beauty and depth of Spanish art in unique and exclusive environments; to live adventures in which to discover, learn and enjoy life in its most artistic expression.


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