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Qatar: From Ancient Forts to Architectural Geniuses

Imagine waking up to the gentle whisper of the African savannah, where the first rays of sunlight kiss the vast plains of Tsavo National Park on a profoundly meaningful journey to Kenya.

From its impossible skyscrapers to vast desert landscapes that invite adventure, Qatar, the pearl of the Arabian Gulf, promises a unique experience that captivates travelers as the first step to exploring the Middle East.

Delve into the vibrant capital, Doha, where past and future intertwine in a symphony of structures, from ancient forts to the most innovative creations of contemporary architecture. Explore the rich history of this country, once a fishing settlement and thriving pearl farm, and discover how it has evolved into a cutting-edge destination that attracts leading names in the world of design, fashion and architecture.

In addition, let yourself be surprised by the countless experiences that reveal the cultural richness and the current spirit of QatarFrom playing golf on world-class courses in the heart of the city, to exploring mangrove swamps by kayak or admiring the nobility of Arabian horses at the Royal Horse Stables.

Get ready for an exclusive journey full of possibilities!

A sensory journey: Qatari gastronomy

Live an exceptional gastronomic experience in the heart of Doha at JIWAN, a renowned culinary enclave. Here, Qatari cuisine is presented in an innovative way, fusing local ingredients with cutting-edge culinary techniques to create refined dishes that delight the senses.

Located on the fourth floor of the Qatar National Museum, JIWAN offers more than just dishes; it is a sensory journey through Qatar’s rich heritage and cultural diversity. The restaurant’s design, by Koichi Takada Architects, pays homage to the region’s unique nature and geography, with elements that evoke the desert dunes and inland sea waters of Khor Al Adaid.

From the outdoor terraces, we can enjoy breathtaking views of the museum’s architecture inspired by the desert roses – the work of Jean Nouvel – and the historic Palace of Sheikh Abdullah bin Jassim Al Thani. Inside, more than four million pearl-shaped glass beads hang from the ceiling, enveloping us in a magical atmosphere reminiscent of a luminous seabed.

Qatar from the heights: helicopter overflight

Experience the majesty of Doha from a unique perspective with an exciting helicopter overflight. This exclusive private flight will take us to explore the breathtaking skyline of the city, surrounded by exclusivity from the moment our own private chauffeur transfers us in a Bentley to the heliport.

During the overflight, we will witness the beauty of Doha from above, admiring from the sky emblematic places such as the Corniche. This palm-lined boulevard stretches for seven kilometers, offering spectacular views of the serene waterfront and modern city skyline.

The flight will take us past the island city of Lusail, the second largest city in the country, where we will have the opportunity to contemplate the grandeur of this ever-growing metropolis from a bird’s eye view. After the crossing, we can enjoy the restaurant at The Torch, the tallest tower in Qatar, with 360° views of the capital.

Skyline Doha

Wellness in the desert: disconnection in front of the sea

Enjoy a unique wellness experience at the Ras Abrouq luxury camp facing the waters of the Arabian Gulf, located in a very special corner of Qatar. This refuge in the middle of the sea offers one of the most exclusive wellness programs in the country, designed to reconnect with our inner self and find balance in a serene and natural environment.

This sanctuary of tranquility invites us to reserve moments to embrace calm and rediscover our essence. The program includes expertly guided sessions in yoga, meditation, breathing and revitalizing movement practices such as fitness and Pilates. Each class is carefully selected to mimic the harmony of the natural environment around us, giving us the opportunity to reconnect with ourselves and with nature.

Located on the golden coast of Qatar and bordering the Al-Reem Biosphere Reserve, we find this sanctuary for human connection and self-expression. Here, limestone dunes, calm waters and breathtaking sunsets envelop us in an embrace of nature, in a quest for inner peace and rejuvenation in a place where harmony and serenity will guide us to a state of lasting balance and well-being.

Behind Closed Doors: Museum of Islamic Art in Doha

Tour the Doha Museum of Islamic Art on an exclusive private tour after closing time. This iconic museum, designed by renowned architect I. M. Pei, is a true treasure of Islamic architecture and art.

Conceived on an artificial island to ensure its unobstructed grandeur, the Museum of Islamic Art is praised by critics and the public alike, and is considered one of the best museums in Qatar. Its impressive geometric structure makes it a unique building on the Doha skyline, leaving an indelible impression on all visitors.

On this private tour, we will have the opportunity to enjoy the museum’s extensive collections in complete privacy, accompanied by an expert guide who will lead us through the numerous galleries. Let yourself be carried away on an enriching and personalized journey that will allow you to appreciate the rich history and breathtaking beauty of Islamic art that define Qatar.

Vista frontal Museo Arte Islámico Doha Qatar
Vista Interior Museo Arte Islámico Doha

From the majesty of its skyline to the serenity of its desert oases, Qatar invites us to explore a world of contrasts, traditions and cultural richness.

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