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La Paz: A NUBA Evening in Valencia

An exciting journey through the art and culture of Spain with Shapes by NUBA, where you can live exclusive artistic experiences.

The event took place at La Cambra, an exclusive corner inside the historic Mercado de Colón, where the sea breeze seemed to flow directly from Baja California Sur.

This sensory encounter was not just a presentation, but a deep immersion into the culture and spirit of La Paz.
La Paz.
. Attendees embarked on a journey through flavors, sounds and visual stories that captured the pure essence of this Mexican gem, creating an immediate connection to its vast beauty and rich history.

Evento NUBA La Cambra Valencia

A Gastronomic and Cultural Scene

The day began with a private dining experience led by renowned chef Ricard Camarena at the Habitual restaurant. Camarena delighted attendees with a selection of dishes that reflect the rich and diverse gastronomy of La Paz, transporting them directly to the heart of Baja California Sur. The intimate atmosphere of La Cambra provided the perfect setting for this culinary journey.

A Journey Through La Paz

The presentation by La Paz Tourism allowed guests to virtually explore this jewel of Mexico.

La Paz, with its amazing biodiversity, breathtaking scenery and vibrant culture, proved to be an incomparable destination. Attendees were able to learn first-hand about the experiences that await in the region, from diving in its crystal-clear waters to whale watching and enjoying its endless white sand beaches.

The event culminated in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, reflecting the hospitality characteristic of La Paz. Guests left with a deep appreciation for the rich culture and traditions of this Mexican region, taking with them not only memories but also a deeper connection to the destination.

Evento NUBA La Paz Valencia

Thank you to all the attendees for being part of this unique and very special experience. Events like this underscore our commitment to offer exclusive and enriching experiences, connecting our guests with exceptional destinations around the world.

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