Viaje a Maldivas María de la Orden

Trip to Maldives by María de la Orden

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This lesson became more evident during our trip to the Maldives.
trip to the Maldives
a trip that completely transformed my usual skepticism towards resorts.

From the thrilling seaplane take-off to the soft landing on the serene St. Louis St. Regis Maldives Vommuli ResortEvery moment promised to be a refuge from the hustle and bustle of Paris, a space where my little Cosima and I could find ourselves in a different world, full of shared discoveries.

A place to call home in the Maldives

Upon arrival, the lush nature of the island of Vommuli welcomed us with open arms. Our beach villa became more than just lodging; it was our home away from home, where every corner hid stories waiting to be told.

Cycling around the island, with the wind in our hair and Cosima’s laughter echoing in the air, I was reminded of how important it is to give her a space to wonder, to play and explore freely, just as we explored the dining room that opens onto our garden in Paris.

St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort Villa

Moments of pure joy

Between holistic treatments at the Iridium Spa and games on the beach, every activity was imbued with simple, pure joy. Watching Cosima interact with nature and seeing her wonder at the underwater world reminded me how crucial this time together is, not only as mother and daughter, but as fellow adventurers. This trip was a reminder to slow down, to take a deep breath and to appreciate those magical moments that only happen once.

Castles in the sand

The beach was, in itself, an extension of paradise. White, talcum-soft sand stretched out to meet the serene, crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean, creating a dreamlike landscape that looked like something out of a postcard.

Each day, Cosima and I would leave footprints in the sand as we explored this magnificent coastline, collecting shells and watching the tide draw artistic patterns on the shore. The gentle sound of the waves provided a soothing backdrop, perfect for our afternoons of playing and relaxing in the sun. In addition, the privacy and exclusivity of the beach provided us with a sanctuary where we could enjoy quiet moments together, building sand castles or simply admiring the vast horizon, reminding us how lucky we were to be in such a special place.

Sharing tastes and smiles in the Maldives

Gastronomy in St. Louis Regis was not just about food, it was a celebration of life. The dining experience proved to be a true luxury that perfectly complemented our stay.

Meals became our moments to reconnect each day, celebrating local flavors and culinary excellence. Every bite of fresh seafood and every taste of Maldivian curry brought us closer together, in culinary encounters that were as nourishing to the spirit as they were to the body. It was like setting the table in our Parisian garden, but this time with a tropical panorama as a backdrop.

A transforming refuge

Reflecting on our days in the Maldives, I feel revitalized rather than satisfied. Vommuli not only provided a restful setting, but was also a catalyst for renewing my energy and inspiration, so essential to my creative and personal life.

Just as we eagerly anticipated the arrival of our next family member and the next stage of our life in Paris, this trip reminded us of the importance of nurturing our family and personal bonds.

The return home did not mark the end of our journey, but the beginning of a renewed chapter, full of love, creativity and the promise of more adventures to come.

This trip to the Maldives, far from being a simple getaway, became a testament to what we truly value: family time, the beauty of nature, and the small moments we weave together in the tapestry of our lives.

María de la Orden Maldivas


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