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An educational adventure

When we think of the word summer, there are many terms that come, almost automatically, to our mind; “vacation”, “travel”, “explore”, “fly”, “discover”… The list could be endless, but what if this year we propose you a new association? “Educate“.

Summer vacation is the perfect opportunity for families to explore the world together, discover new cultures and enjoy unique educational experiences along the way. For all these reasons, this summer 2023, we propose a new perspective, that of embarking on a fun educational adventure as a family, offering a unique opportunity to learn together while creating unforgettable memories.

Join us to discover the best destinations in 2023 to experience an educational family vacation!

Summer Collection Vol. I – Explore the World as a Family


Enter the world of space exploration by visiting the most emblematic places in the world of space exploration. NASA Space Center Houston -such as the International Space Station (ISS) Mission Control Center or the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory (NBL)-where we can get a close-up look at the actual facilities where astronauts are currently training to travel into space.

Discover the exciting world of theater on an exclusive backstage tour of Broadway, where we will learn the secrets of the most iconic theatrical productions and learn about the creative process that goes on behind the scenes.

Take an after-hours tour of the American Museum of Natural History in New York, where you can discover the fascinating stories behind each of the exhibits, away from the usual crowds. An unforgettable family experience!

Continue our trip to the United States and discover a different proposal, relaxing among the spectacular vineyards of Stanly Ranch.

NASA Astronaut Suit VIP Tour

INDONESIA : NUBA Experiences

Create our own coral reef We will be playing fun interactive games to raise awareness and gain a better understanding of our role in the conservation of marine life. We will also have the opportunity to adopt a coral at the Nusa Penida Marine Protected Area nursery, which will be monitored by a local environmental awareness community.

Embark on an amazing bicycle tour of Bali, among its spectacular temples and landscapes, accompanied by an expert guide who will reveal the secrets of the history that surrounds each of these majestic sanctuaries. An adventure on two wheels through picturesque villages and lush rice paddies in which to discover all the wonders of Balinese culture.

Learn valuable life lessons in an exclusive riding program with amazing ponies on Sumba Island, where children will have the opportunity to get involved in the daily routine of grooming, cleaning and feeding these curious animals. The objective? Learning through fun, with interactive games that will teach communication and equine handling skills to the little ones.

To enjoy this exclusive Indonesia travel experience, we will stay at Nihi Sumba, an idyllic setting in which to connect with luxury and freedom.

Horses on the beach at Nihi Sumba Hotel

COLOMBIA : NUBA Experiences

Becoming an authentic Colombian cowboydiscovering everything about the culture and customs of the llaneras and their livestock tradition. We will learn how to ride, herd and feed the cattle, as well as the different implements used in daily activities, such as the lasso, the spur or the saddle. A real family adventure!

Immerse yourself in Colombia’s coffee culture with a private visit to a coffee plantation in the spectacular region of Antioquia. Here we will learn all the secrets of the production process of one of the most appreciated beverages in the world, from the harvesting of the grains to its artisanal elaboration. In addition, we will have the opportunity to taste different varieties of coffee and learn more about the local culture and traditions.

Explore Bogota’s vibrant street art scene, where urban art has a special place and manifests itself through traces and murals in public spaces. Together with an expert art guide, we will discover the best artworks and graffiti in the city, as well as meet in person one of the renowned local artists. An experience full of color and inspiration for young and old art lovers!

On this trip to Colombia, we will enter an exclusive nature refuge to enjoy the fascinating Colombian Caribbean at Barú Calablanca Beach Resort.

Cowboy in Colombia

CROATIA : NUBA Experiences

Delve into Split’s Roman past on a private tour of the private touraccompanied by a historian and an archaeologistto discover firsthand the rich history of the city. We will have the opportunity to see up close some of the most important monuments of antiquity, such as the Diocletian’s Palace and the Temple of Jupiteras we embark on a family journey back in time through the jewel of the Adriatic.

Set off in search of Istria’ s exceptional truffles in the company of a local family dedicated to truffle hunting for generations, to learn with them all about the history and appeal of this elusive tuber. Led by trained dogs, we will go deep into private forests in our search, to finish tasting the treasures obtained in a lunch at the family home of our hosts.

Explore Dubrovnik’ s city walls from a unique perspective, on a private kayak tour around this fantastic historical monument. Here, we will enjoy breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea and the coastline of the old town, while learning about the local history and culture of the town. A trip full of adventure and excitement for the whole family!

We will be staying on a

private gulet

to tour and travel Croatia like never before. What more could you ask for?

Roman ruins Croatia


Get up close and personal with the white rhino Ngala Private Reserve, located in the Kruger National Park in Timbavati, to help the conservation of this endangered species. endangered species together with expert researchers in the region. We will have the opportunity to observe these impressive animals in their natural habitat, while learning about preservation efforts to protect them.

Accompany a renowned nature photographer on the Cape Town coast to discover the true art of wildlife photography. Here we will have the opportunity to capture stunning images of wild animals in their natural habitat, while learning techniques and tricks from our professional guide. A unique opportunity to create unforgettable memories of our adventure.

Participate as a family in the protection of endangered species together with South African professionals, in an exciting and enriching experience. We will learn first-hand about the conservation of local wildlife, while getting to know these wild animals and contributing to their protection. It will be a unique opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of biodiversity preservation.

We will live an unforgettable wildlife experience on this trip to South Africa at Royal Malewane, three luxury lodges in the heart of the African savannah.

White rhino South Africa
The educational family trips allow children and adults to learn about different cultures, traditions, histories and customs from other places. These trips can foster learning and knowledge in a more experiential way, which will undoubtedly help us to create closer ties with them.

If you want a different summer with your family, start designing your tailor-made trip with NUBA.

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