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Sprinbuk en Sudáfrica
Travel to South Africa, a country full of diversity. Travel in the Green Kalahari and its rich wildlife, a different safari told by the expert Gonzalo Sanchez.
This year give yourself the world. Turn Christmas into an unforgettable moment by living exclusive experiences in Vietnam, South Africa, Kenya and India.
With its crystal clear waters, vibrant marine life and spectacular underwater scenery, Africa is home to some of the world's most breathtaking diving destinations. And the best part? They are committed to sustainability and marine conservation!
Join us to discover the best destinations in 2023 to experience an educational family vacation!
From mansions perched on cliffs and vineyards surrounding old farmhouses, to iconic national parks and large reserves in which to track down the five great...
Africa is the cradle of humanity. John Hemingway said he kept a secret and called it "magic". Magic that their tribes preserve in a world that is advancing faster and faster and that does not understand waiting.
I was fortunate to share this wonderful destination with a group of NUBA colleagues. Chance made us all women, without expecting that in this fabulous Odyssey, Homer would pick up our song.