Articles on Shapes by NUBA

Obra de arte El Peine de los Vientos, Eduardo Chillida.
An exclusive evening in a Star Bed, where privacy is combined with the thrill of a wild night under the starry sky of Africa.
Shapes by NUBA presents an innovative vision of gastronomy, in which aromas, textures and flavors invite us to embark on a journey through the senses.
Wellness manifests itself as the art of taking care of oneself. Shapes by NUBA invites you to embark on a journey towards a healthier and more balanced life.
Shapes by NUBA creates a new look, merging different disciplines to design a new canvas of experiences around art and emotions.
We presented our new project Shapes by NUBA, with a unique event where art, exclusivity and exquisiteness went hand in hand in the heart of Madrid.