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A Journey to the Heart of Art with Shapes by NUBA

During my trip to Costa Rica there was one question that kept echoing in my head, "How is it possible that so much beauty exists in the very world I live in?"

Shapes by NUBA exclusively presents a series of experiences designed to awaken our most primal emotions, making us aware of our own existence. These experiences invite us to discover new perspectives, stimulate our imagination and experience a sense of vitality and enthusiasm, a constant reminder that we are alive.

Discover how diverse artistic disciplines merge to create a unique canvas of experiences. Experiences around art that redefine the concept of luxury, revealing new horizons hidden, until now, in our imagination.

Shapes by NUBA Arte

Art: The solidity of the square as a blank canvas

Circles, triangles, squares… These shapes are the simplest expression in which we can deconstruct the world. They are fundamental in art, architecture, science and even in nature itself. They are the essence of everything that surrounds us, the base from which they emerge and grow to become the wonders we are accustomed to contemplate.

Shapes by NUBA verticals are the same: the essence of our travels, the starting point and the heart of the most incredible experiences we can offer.

For us, the base of the square on the canvas of a painting marks the limits of art that can be exceeded. It signifies complete balance, proportion and stability of art that endures through the centuries.

Cuadros galería de arte

Shapes by NUBA: Our Art Experts

Accompanied by the TAC7 team, composed by Carmen Huertaart historian and specialist in contemporary art; Beatriz Villaroyamarketing strategist; and Carmen Ballesta, lawyer and expert in digital art and blockchain, we embark on a journey that explores the emotions of our travelers in the vast world of art.

a renowned international art consultancy, fuses the 7 artistic disciplines, combining painting, sculpture, literature, dance, music, architecture and film with the most innovative digital tools. This transdisciplinary approach elevates art to a “sublime” sphere, where perceptions converge, creative freedoms intertwine, and interdisciplinary connections thrill viewers.

Carmen Huerta, Beatriz Villaroya and Carmen Ballesta expand for Shapes by NUBA their perspective of art, through the 7 disciplines and their interconnections, taking advantage of a worldwide network of contacts in the cultural, art industry, luxury and fashion sectors.

Shape your Art Experience

Shapes by NUBA presents a truly captivating art experience through a unique look at James Turrell’s “Second Wind 2005” installation at the NMAC Montenmedio Foundation.

Our clients will have the opportunity to explore the light sequence of this great work alone, in a private guided tour that will lead them to discover the creative process, the conception of the piece and its construction.

Thus, we will enter a fascinating ocean of colors, allowing the light to connect us with nature through the work “Second Wind 2005” by James Turrell. Located at the foot of Vejer de la Frontera, it is the frame of our journey to appreciate the magnificent spatial vision of the emblematic artist. This masterpiece will also serve as the stage for a contemporary dance performance, conceived exclusively for NUBA and its clients under the direction of choreographer Mar Aguiló, choreographer of the Compañía Nacional de Danza.

This experience at the Montenmedio Foundation offers an exceptional opportunity to immerse oneself in the world of art and contemplation. It will be an unforgettable and thought-provoking trip that will leave a lasting impression in the mind of every visitor.

Obra Second Wind Shapes by NUBA
La obra "Second Wind" de James Turrell en la Fundación Montenmedio. (Foto Roman Rios EFE)

All art experiences offered by Shapes by NUBA are exclusive and have been carefully curated by the TAC7 team under the prerogative of the awareness that art is an essential element in our lives and can enrich them in profound ways.

Our goal is to provide experiences around art that allow us to connect with this sublime dimension of existence; we are committed to offering unique moments that take our clients beyond the everyday, immersing them in the beauty and depth of art.

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