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Integral Wellness with Shapes by NUBA

During my trip to Costa Rica there was one question that kept echoing in my head, "How is it possible that so much beauty exists in the very world I live in?"

Imagine a world in which each inhalation fills us with renewed energy, and each new dawn ignites the spark of inspiration. This philosophy serves as the compass that guides us to our true inner self.

Shapes by NUBA invites you to embark on a journey towards incorporating healthy habits in your daily life, adopting a preventive and holistic approach. Our mission is to guide you in exploring solutions from the root, addressing both the physical and emotional dimensions. Connect with sustainable and consistent wellness, while we provide you with a pathway to empower your state of health.

Join us on this journey to a healthier and more balanced life.

Sauna Bienestar

Wellness: The perfection of the circle and its constant renewal

Circles, squares, triangles… These forms represent the most elementary manifestation with which we can decompose the world. They are fundamental in art, architecture, science and even in nature itself. They form the basis of everything that surrounds us.

In Shapes by NUBA, shapes represent the essence of each of our experiences, they are the starting point from which to build each of them.

For us, the circle that never ends – because it is beginning and end in one and the same way – means well-being in itself. Fluid and constant, closed and intimate, this form transports us to a world of eternal well-being.

Shapes by NUBA: Our Wellness Experts

Paloma Ruiz-Blanco and Ignacio Trenas make up the SANA team, offering a clinical and refined approach. Her extensive knowledge and experience brings a scientific perspective to health and wellness, ensuring that each stage of the wellness journey is grounded in a deep understanding of human biochemistry and psychology.

Its methodology goes beyond conventional treatments. It focuses on understanding each individual as a whole, analyzing how genetics, lifestyle or environment can affect their well-being. This vision enables the creation of customized wellness programs that not only seek to balance and harmonize the body and mind, but also inspire sustainable and meaningful life change.

Shape your Wellness Experience

Achieving total harmony between body, mind and spirit means entering the profound universe of 360° Wellness, immersed in an experience meticulously designed to reach our optimal potential.

These experiences have been carefully elaborated following seven fundamental pillars of personal care, with the objective of presenting us with a world of wellness that transcends conventional limits, inviting us to discover fulfillment through an integral connection with our being.

Sauna Privada Wellness

The experiences created by the SANA team for Shapes by NUBA stand as the essence of unique and indelible experiences, offering us the opportunity to better understand ourselves and evolve into the person we want to be, both inside and outside.

NUBA’s mission is to provide wellness-centered experiences that facilitate connection with this sublime dimension of existence. We are committed to offering exceptional moments that take our clients beyond the ordinary, immersing them in the balance of wellness.

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