The circle that never ends because it is beginning and end in the same way supposes well-being in itself. Fluid and constant, closed and intimate, this form transports us to a world of eternal well-being.

Wellness Experience

Wellness is the art of taking care of oneself, creating a universe in which we can become a magnificent expression of vitality and balance.

The experiences designed by Shapes by NUBA become the essence of unique and unforgettable experiences; the opportunity to better understand ourselves and transform ourselves into the person we want to be, both internally and externally. Can you imagine a world where every breath infuses us with renewed energy and every sunrise ignites the flame of inspiration? This philosophy acts as the compass that guides us to our authentic “self”.

Seven principles of self-care

360° Fullness

To achieve complete harmony between body, mind and spirit, immersing ourselves in the mysteries of 360° Wellness, in an experience designed to reach our maximum potential. These exclusive experiences have been meticulously conceived according to seven principles of personal care. Thus, we will explore a universe of well-being beyond conventional limits, which invites us to find fulfillment through an integral connection with our being.

Shapes by NUBA Art Wellness nutricion

Integral health

Embark on a quest for a holistic approach to health that goes beyond simple diets and foods. Explore the fascinating connection between biochemistry, nutrients and supplementation to understand how to individualize and apply effective and preventive therapies. We will immerse ourselves in knowledge that transcends convention, exploring how, from a biochemical perspective, we can redefine and optimize our well-being in a unique and comprehensive way.

Wellness Shapes by NUBA

Balance and well-being

Start a journey towards integrating healthy habits into your life with our preventive and holistic approach. Our mission is to help you discover solutions from the root, addressing both the physical and emotional dimension. Connect with a sustainable and stable wellness, while offering you a way to optimize your health status. Join us on this path to a healthier and more balanced life.

Plenitud 360 Shapes by NUBA

Our Wellness Experts

Paloma Ruiz-Blanco and Ignacio Trenas form the SANA team offering a sophisticated clinical approach. Her in-depth knowledge and experience bring a scientific and empathetic approach to health and wellness, ensuring that every aspect of the wellness journey is based on a thorough understanding of biochemistry and human psychology.

This methodology goes beyond conventional treatments. They focus on understanding each individual as a whole, analyzing how unique factors such as genetics, lifestyle and environment influence well-being. This approach allows for the creation of highly personalized wellness programs that not only seek balance and harmony of body and mind, but also inspire sustainable and profound life change.

The art of taking care of yourself

Ignacio Trenas

Wellness, the perfection of the circle and its constant renewal

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