Viaje A Polinesia Francesa, Bora Bora

Pacific voyage: French Polynesia and its glamour

French Polynesia, with its unearthly beauty, is a destination that exceeds all travel expectations. As you approach Tahiti's airport, the magnificence of this earthly corner envelops you.

As a connoisseur of the most exquisite destinations and with countless destinations noted in my blog, I can affirm that a trip to French Polynesia, with its unearthly beauty, exceeds all expectations of any dream.

From the airplane window, you can see islands dotted with shimmering green and turquoise blue seas, which vary in hue with depth. This visual spectacle looks like a masterfully painted work of art and invites you to question the reality of what you see. The mere act of arriving at Tahiti’s airport immerses you in a paradisiacal atmosphere.

Traditional music resounds on the drums, while fragrant thiaré flowers envelop you in an intoxicating aroma. It is a welcome that announces that you are about to live a unique experience.

Getting to know the Tahiti islands

Exploring Tahiti takes you through its valleys, where hidden waterfalls awaken your amazement, and allows you to taste Mahi Mahi, one of the traditional dishes. Appreciated for its firm, white flesh, it crumbles easily and has a delicate, mild flavor. Polynesian cuisine prepares it in a variety of ways, often grilled, baked or in delicious stews. Its versatility in the kitchen allows for a wide variety of dishes, from fresh fish tacos to more elaborate dishes that highlight its flavor and texture.

On this trip, you not only enjoy nature, but also discover the deep connection of the locals with their environment, their deep-rooted culture and the immense strength of the Manna that permeates everything.

Actividad en Polinesia Francesa en la playa

Dreaming in Bora Bora

From Tahiti, we headed to Bora Bora, a dream island surrounded by white sand motus (islets) and protected by a beautiful lagoon of turquoise waters and corals. Here, unique experiences awaited us that have remained engraved in our memories.

Sailing in the Bora Bora lagoon gave us the opportunity to snorkel alongside majestic Eagle Rays, which swam gracefully while smaller fish cleaned them of parasites. Afterwards, we joined friendly blacktip sharks, sharing the water in perfect harmony.

Buceo con Eagle Ray Polinesia Francesa

The adventure continued on a secluded isolated beachwhere we enjoyed a delicious lunch, prepared with authenticity and a touch of elegance. Traditional canoe races (Va’a) added excitement to our day.

After a day full of activities, we returned to our overwater villas to marvel at the spectacular sunset, which was, without a doubt, the most amazing we have ever witnessed. The evening brought one last surprise courtesy of French Polynesia: a dazzling fire show, where locals danced and jugglers braved the heat and pain to the beat of drums and frenzied chanting.

Sailing to Taha’a

At dawn, we said goodbye to Bora Bora and left for Raiatea, where we boarded a catamaran that would take us to Tahaa. In Raiatea, we enjoyed the thrill of paddle surfing, snorkeling and the beauty of an environment that melts in shades of mountainous greens and the blue of the sky, reflected in the many shades of turquoise of the sea.

Tahaa welcomed us with a wonderful snorkel in its coral garden. Despite some weather challenges, every day in this paradise gave us dreamlike landscapes and unforgettable experiences.

Mar de Polinesia Francesa y Vistas

trip to French Polynesia
has offered us an experience that transcends the imagination, a trip that left a little piece of this paradise in our hearts.

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