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Traces of Exclusivity: Introducing Shapes by NUBA

Last night, in the heart of Madrid, NUBA unfolded the curtain of its new journey: Shapes by NUBA.

A project aimed at redefining the essence of tailor-made travel, fusing art, wellness and gastronomy in a collection of unique experiences.

In an extraordinary event, designed in two distinctive phases, exclusivity and exquisiteness went hand in hand on the stages chosen for the launch: the majestic Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum and an exclusive private property of The Sibarist.

Presentación Shapes by NUBA en Thyssen

Art through colors: La Pantonera as Guide at the Thyssen-Bornemisza

The event began with its initial phase. A small and select number of guests were summoned to this cultural bastion, immersing themselves in a unique experience in the depths of the Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection.

For 30 minutes, they explored the museum’s fascinating pantonera, a palette of hues that would trigger the creation of their own personalized experience. Guided by experts, they discovered the masterpieces that resonated with the chosen hue, exploring the actual pigments that bring the Collection to life.

From Culture to Comfort: Transfer in Exclusive Automobiles

After this unique immersion, our exclusive guests were transported in state-of-the-art Maserati, Bentley, Lexus and ByD vehicles – courtesy of Astara Retail – to the luxurious private residence. There, they were welcomed with a cocktail that marked the prelude to the highlight of the evening: the premiere presentation of Shapes by NUBA.

Shapes by NUBA: Art, Wellness and Gastronomy

In a setting impregnated with art and elegance, Lucía Toro – NUBA’s Business Development Director -, our president Pablo del Pozo and Pedro Domínguez – the firm’s CEO – unveiled this innovative project.

Shapes by NUBA not only redefines tailor-made travel, but transforms it into an adventure where art, wellness and gastronomy are the protagonists. Three new lines of business have given life to a collection of unique and exclusive experiences in Spain, bringing real added value to each experience.

Lucía Toro evento Shapes by NUBA
Pablo del Pozo y Pedro Domínguez evento Shapes

Culinary Art and Dance

After the presentation, our guests were delighted with a wonderful dinner, on a unique tablecloth, created exclusively for this occasion by the renowned artist Jacobo Pérez-Enciso, with whom we had the immense pleasure of having. His work was a portal, through painting, to the artistic vision of great literary adventurers such as Goethe, Moby Dick and Conrad.

Against this backdrop, we set out on a gastronomic journey through the wonderful products of Spain. Each bite was an immersion in the authentic flavors of our country, all masterfully paired and explained by Fernando Cuenllas. To culminate the evening, Mar Aguiló, dancer of the National Dance Company and choreographer, gave us an extraordinary dance piece that fused art, elegance and emotion in each movement.

And at the end, a very special detail awaited: each of our guests had the opportunity to cut a little piece of the tablecloth, taking a unique and unrepeatable work of art framed as a souvenir of this incomparable evening.

Makers of an Unforgettable Night

We extend our most sincere thanks to the Junta de Andalucía for joining us on this special evening. Thanks also to Astara Retail, whose participation has been fundamental in making possible the flawless logistics of the event.

In addition, we would like to thank TAC7, SANA Cellular Nutrition, Ansón+Bonet, The Sibarist -a boutique real estate company with unique properties-, Coolinaria and Bang & Olufsen for collaborating in this extraordinary event.

Shapes by NUBA will not only change the way we look at travel; it will leave an indelible mark on our perception of the extraordinary. Let yourself be transformed!

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