Esquiar en las Islas Lofoten

Skiing in the Lofoten Islands: A unique experience in the Norwegian Arctic

During my trip to Costa Rica there was one question that kept echoing in my head, "How is it possible that so much beauty exists in the very world I live in?"

Composed of countless fjords and lakes, small islands, rugged mountains and pretty fishing villages full of traditional Scandinavian huts, this is a true winter paradise. In addition, the opportunity to contemplate the impressive Northern Lights and to spend a few days “living” above the Arctic Circle make this destination an incomparable experience.

On the other hand, as a ski lover, being able to reach the top of several mountains to contemplate those breathtaking landscapes and then skiing down to the seashore was an unforgettable sensation.

What to consider when choosing Lofoten Islands as a ski destination?

Although there are some small ski resorts, Lofoten Islands is a paradise for ski mountaineering. This implies reaching the summits ourselves and, therefore, a good physical condition.

However, seeing the fjords from the heights, skiing down to the sea and having the possibility of skiing in multiple mountains and valleys, are totally worth the effort.

Vista panorámica Islas Lofoten

How many days are recommended for skiing in the Lofoten Islands?

Reach up to Lofoten Islands The best-case scenario involves a stopover in Oslo, followed by a flight to Svolvaer and, finally, a road trip; so to make the trip worthwhile and to enjoy all that the destination has to offer, I would recommend spending there at least four or five days.

Esquiadores en las Islas Lofoten

Top experience in the Lofoten Islands

The special feeling of experiencing pure skiing in a remote place is multiplied when, aboard a boat, we sail from Svolvaer to the Troll Fjord for an intense day of skiing in an incomparable setting.

At the end, we sailed back home while regaining our strength by tasting a traditional Norwegian fish soup on board the ship.

Surfing in the Norwegian Arctic

Although we hadn’t planned on it, we learned that the coastal village of Unstad offers the possibility of ¡surfing! It is a wave suitable for all levels and in the village there is a surf school as well as surfboard and wetsuit rental stores.

Having the opportunity to take off your ski boots to put on a wetsuit and get into the sea after skiing that day is something that does not exist anywhere else in the world. It was certainly a very special experience.

Surf en las Islas Lofoten

The landscapes of the Norwegian Arctic are far more impressive than I could have imagined. The way in which the mountains, cabins and villages are reflected in the water of the sea and lakes is a marvel, and makes it a highly recommended destination also for photography lovers.


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