In the North of Antarctica is… South Africa

I was fortunate to share this wonderful destination with a group of NUBA colleagues. Chance made us all women, without expecting that in this fabulous Odyssey, Homer would pick up our song.

Mujerers Safari

The direct flight with IBERIA to Johannesburg was extraordinary.

One hundred percent recommended, leave Madrid at night, sleep and wake up in South Africa.

Johannesburg welcomed us with pleasant autumn weather and invited us to visit Nelson Mandela ‘s house (in the Soweto neighborhood), small and full of living history.

The next day began our adventure of Safaris, which are as many and as diverse within Africa as the lines of a zebra.
, Botswana o
South Africa
The cars, the animals, the landscapes; each one is different and each one has something special that makes it unique. In the case of South Africa, they are undoubtedly the most comfortable since you do not have to move from one park to another. The lodges are located within the Kruger National Park environment and when you arrive, you do a morning and an afternoon Safari. For three days your only responsibility is to see the big five: Buffalo, Lion, Leopard, Rhino and Elephant.

Leones en la sabana

What a wonderful feeling to see all of them face to face… with each one of them we had a magical experience.

The herds of buffalo in the Sabi Sabi Reserve at sunset, the group of 12 lions at night strolling around while deciding what to hunt and in turn showing us that they are the kings of Africa. You can’t even imagine how clearly they transmit this superiority! I find rhinoceroses absolutely magical, beautiful, imposing creatures….

The leopards are so elegant walking that they look like they are on the runway at Kruger Fashion Week and, of course, the herds of elephants. We had the immense fortune of seeing a couple of them in one of the most beautiful and mythical lodges of Sabi Sands, Bush LodgeThe majestic setting, which has a terrace in front of a small lagoon where the animals go to drink and where a herd of more than 50 elephants of all ages appeared, as if it were the chorus of an opera, was majestic.

The accommodations are spectacular. The Earth Lodge, named Unique Lodge by National Geographic, is a real treat for architecture lovers.

Hotel Safari

Each Reserve is different. In the case of Mala Mala, it offers a lush landscape with an intense green color behind a river that becomes our window companion.

After enjoying the most beautiful and wild sunrises and sunsets you can imagine, we arrived in Cape Town.

South Africa is the most varied country on the entire continent, and it shows in the architecture, the people and the landscapes. Suddenly you arrive in Cape Town and in the outskirts you find, just an hour away, landscapes that could be Switzerland, Germany, Holland… Both the mountains and the architecture of the area, make this wine area, a real delight to enjoy at least one day.

Ciudad del Cabo

A wine tasting, a ride in vintage cars, a lunch at the Mont Rochelle Estate made us experience, once again, the magnificent gastronomy we have enjoyed and the spectacular wines they have in South Africa. A real luxury for wine lovers.

And for the end of this journey, we leave the place where you don’t think there is any more there. We are in the City that is north of Antarctica, the Cape that pirates needed to cross to show off with earrings in their ears that they passed from the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic. Cape Town.

The visit to the Cape Peninsula was quite an experience. Reaching the Cape of Good Hope and feeling at one end of the world was unforgettable. The wind accompanied us on this day, but it was foreseeable in this part of the African geography.

After this windy visit, we made an obligatory stop to meet our African penguin friends in Simon Town. Sympathetic and circus-like, they greeted us.


The Waterfront area is one of the busiest places in Cape Town. Walkable, with stores and restaurants full of leisure and color, it is worth a visit.

I take with me an indelible memory of this country with thousands of premiums. It only remains for me to say that on the other side of the world, the south is confused with the north.

Pilar Guijarro
Equipo NUBA

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