Vestige Collection: Transforming Architectural Jewels into Luxury Rooms

Waking up in an authentic palace with Vestige Collection becomes a journey full of luxury and history. From Renaissance palaces to medieval fortresses, the Madera family preserves the architectural essence of Spain.

Vestige Collection transcends mere luxury accommodation to present an unparalleled experience: the possibility of living in Private Estates, authentic palaces available for rent. This initiative not only redefines the notion of an exclusive stay, but is also part of an ambitious and far-reaching vision. Each new addition is a testament to their commitment to the preservation of Spanish heritage, a promise to safeguard history and culture so that future generations can revel in the majesty of palaces that exude luxury and unparalleled historical charm.

Suite Don Pelayo living room

Preserving, Transforming and Sharing: The Vestige Collection Legacy

A masterful fusion of historical richness and modern conveniences to bring luxury destinations to life is not simply a goal, but a truly stoic undertaking. Each project represents the metamorphosis of forgotten ruins into unforgettable experiences, where every detail, from the selection of materials to the implementation of eco-friendly heating systems, is carried out with precision and care.


Get to know Asturias from El Palacio de Figueras

The Figueras Palace, located in the Eo estuary since the sixteenth century, in the port of Castropol, has been carefully restored for 11 years. Now, with its spacious rooms and majestic suites, it stands as an exclusive oasis to enjoy in the company of family and friends. In addition to being a setting for weddings and luxury events, this palace exudes unique beauty and exclusivity.

The rehabilitation of the Figueras Palace has preserved its cozy essence, offering a space to be explored and enjoyed. Each corner tells a story that is intertwined with the rich narrative of the region. This refuge becomes the ideal starting point to discover the charming coastal villages of Asturias, relax on its wild beaches or venture into the mountains. It is a beacon of authenticity that invites you to travel to the historical and natural richness of this unique region.

Among Charming Menorcan Gardens

One of Vestige Collection’s most recent acquisitions is the stunning Hotel Son Vell in Menorca. Just twenty minutes from charming Ciutadella, this luxury sanctuary is set on a vast estate of over 180 hectares, where history comes alive in every corner of an 18th century manor house and in the traditional farm structures that surround it. Every detail has been carefully restored, respecting the essence of the island with materials such as the original sandstone and wood, thus offering travelers a timeless experience.

The hotel’s suites and rooms are true works of art, with private terraces and lush gardens that add an exclusive touch to the stay. Here, guests can revitalize themselves with dynamic yoga sessions, explore gastronomic experiences that fuse traditional Menorcan with contemporary touches, or indulge in wine tastings in the hotel’s own vineyards. At Hotel Son Vell, every moment is an exaltation of the beauty, flavor and serenity that characterize the stunning island of Menorca.

Luxury Historic Buildings throughout Spain

The scope of Vestige Collection goes beyond the borders of Asturias, with the intention of covering destinations such as the Balearic Islands, Extremadura, Galicia, Madrid, the Basque Country and Portugal. Each project, such as the iconic Torres Donlebún Palace in Barres, exemplifies Vestige’s unwavering commitment to comprehensive restoration and respect for history.

Vestige Collection Orangerie

Explore the unique experience offered by the historic buildings restored by Vestige Collection, where excellence and serenity merge in an atmosphere of disconnection.

This collection adds a new treasure to NUBA’s wealth of knowledge, where designers are artisans in luxury travel, creating tailor-made, unique and unforgettable experiences for each client.


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