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The New Universe of Gastronomy with Shapes by NUBA

During my trip to Costa Rica there was one question that kept echoing in my head, "How is it possible that so much beauty exists in the very world I live in?"

At Shapes by NUBA, our goal is to leave a lasting impression on our clients. That’s why we collaborate with leading national experts to go beyond simply presenting a dish or a glass of wine. Together, we embark on a journey that begins in the field, the orchard or the sea, and culminates in a spectacle of flavors and textures.

Thus, we present a new vision, for a public that understands luxury in different ways, but looks for the same thing in their travels: unique and unrepeatable gastronomic experiences.

Join us as we explore the world on a journey told through flavors!

Gastronomía NUBA

Gastronomy: The balance of the triangle in a single bite

Triangles, circles, squares… These forms represent the simplest way to decompose the world. They are fundamental elements in art, architecture, science and even in nature itself. They constitute the basis of our environment, from which they emerge and develop to become the marvelous phenomena we are accustomed to admire.

Shapes by NUBA verticals share this same essence: they are the core of our travels, the starting point and the heart of the most extraordinary experiences we can offer.

The strength inherent in the number 3 shapes the structure of the triangle. Smell, taste and sight converge in perfect harmony, balancing flavors and aromas with an innovative and sublime aesthetic.

Cenador de Amós Shapes by NUBA

Shapes by NUBA: Our Gastronomy Experts

Alejandra Ansón and Miguel Bonet(Asón + Bonet) share with us their professional vision in the haute cuisine sector.

Passionate about food and business, they have been involved in countless success stories over the years, which have given them the keys to success in the vast universe of Food & Wine.

In Spain we are immensely fortunate to be able to discover our culture and our traditions through the powerful gastronomic range that takes place on the peninsula, both around a table and in our seas and fields.” – Ansón and Bonet

Anson y Bonet Shapes by NUBA

Shape your Gastronomy Experience

Shapes by NUBA offers a unique gastronomic experience in collaboration with Jesús Sánchez, a leading Spanish chef with three Michelin Stars and four Repsol Suns. Its renowned restaurant, Cenador de Amós, located in a picturesque corner of Cantabria, immerses us in the richness of Spanish culture and cuisine through a contemporary proposal of the highest quality.

The tour begins by exploring the entrails of Cenador de Amós, where we will meet the restaurant’s suppliers. Depending on the preferences of our clients, we can accompany the Cenador team to the fish market to select fresh fish, to the vegetable garden to choose vegetables or to their own bakery to witness the creation of bread.

We will immerse ourselves in the production process, entering the kitchen classroom dedicated to research. Here, we will share an exclusive Shapes by NUBA experience, participating in the preparation of a three-star tasting menu, guided by the restaurant’s head chefs. To culminate this exceptional experience, we will enjoy the creations learned in harmony with a carefully selected wine pairing.

Cenador de Amós Jesús Sánchez

Shapes by NUBA presents exclusive dining experiences, each carefully designed by the Ansón y Bonet team.

We strive to provide experiences around the world of food & wine that not only delight the senses, but also create moments of meaningful connection, where the passion for gastronomy merges with innovation and tradition.

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