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The Most Exclusive Ski Retreats

Welcome to a winter world where the thrill of skiing merges with the unparalleled elegance of elite huts!

We invite you to embark on a journey through four extraordinary destinations that redefine skiing experiences as we have known them until now.

From remote glaciers, where sustainability and the majesty of the landscape meet, to a Zen sanctuary, to the serenity of the Arctic Circle… Join us on this adventure where the thrill of the slopes meets the unparalleled comfort of these exceptional mountain lodges.

Glide down the slopes and take refuge in luxury!

Isbreen The Glacier: An Elite Refuge in the Heart of the Eternal Arctic

Located in the remote Jøkelfjord, Isbreen The Glacier promises a unique skiing experience, where we will rest in an elegant igloo-shaped suite that will make us feel one with the snowy landscape.

The impressive shelter, built with Siberian larch, is not only visually stunning but also a sign of their commitment to sustainability. Through its architecture it seeks to minimize its environmental impact, allowing us to enjoy the majesty of the environment with tranquility.

Privacy is paramount at Isbreen The Glacier, with surrounding igloos offering an exclusive retreat after an exciting day of skiing. Every detail, from the design of the accommodations to the local activities to the dining experiences – where each meal is a delicious exploration of regional ingredients – reflects their commitment to preserving the local environment.

Here, sustainability merges with adventure, creating memories that will last long after the footprints in the snow have faded.

Isbreen The Glacier iglú exterior

Zaborin: Fusing Japanese Tradition with Modern Elegance

Nestled in snow-covered meadows and tranquil forests, Zaborin is a luxurious sanctuary that wows visitors with its fusion of Japanese tradition and modern elegance. With 15 exclusive villas, each precisely designed and equipped with its own privateonsen, Zaborin offers not only accommodations, but a complete immersion in culture and indulgence.

Every corner of this place is a statement of art and comfort, from the elegant architecture to the natural springs that surround us. Authenticity is found in every detail, from the warmth of local woods to the selection of carefully chosen artwork.

Here, we will discover a culinary experience turned into an odyssey of flavors, with a masterful menu of exclusive Kita Kaiseki cuisine, masterfully prepared by an award-winning chef. So food lovers can find satisfaction in every bite, uniquely complementing our days on the slopes.

The accommodations not only offer moments of relaxation, but also unique opportunities to sample Japanese whiskies, explore local boutiques and enjoy private spa treatments. This unique retreat goes beyond the conventional stay; it is an invitation to sophistication and indulgence in the midst of winter beauty.

Bighorn Revelstoke: Where Luxury and Adventure Intertwine

Located at the epicenter of the world’s most outstanding heliskiing terrain, Bighorn Revelstoke is not simply a ski chalet; it is a unique experience that seamlessly blends luxury and adventure. This extraordinary lodge has been recognized as the“World’s Best Ski Chalet” for the past four years, and its reputation is backed by an exceptional combination of service and location.

From its private heliport, we will have the opportunity to soar to the heights of unspoiled nature and glide down immaculate slopes of dry powder. This place awaits us with a tailor-made heliskiing experience, from the comfort of a privileged location.

This mountain chalet redefines the standard of accommodation, offering a luxurious ambiance from the moment you walk through its doors. In addition to the indoor experience, such as gourmet cuisine from an award-winning chef that will satisfy the most discerning palates, it features first-class facilities, from a high-tech movie theater to eight spacious suites. The spa area complete with indoor pool, sauna, gym and massage rooms guarantees absolute relaxation after an intense day on the slopes.

Bighorn Revelstoke is not just a place to stay; it is a destination in itself that invites us into a world of luxury and adventure.

helipad Big Horn Revelstoke

Niehku: Aurora Borealis Illuminate Ski Routes

Niehku Mountain Villa takes us to the northern lands, where the northern lights illuminate the sky and every ski day becomes a winter masterpiece. Located in the famous Riksgränsen ski resort, 200 km north of the Arctic Circle, Niehku stands as a unique retreat combining outdoor adventure with accommodation of the highest standards.

For ski touring enthusiasts, Niehku’s location on the border between Sweden and Norway offers easy access to the beautiful mountain ranges of Swedish Lapland and breathtaking views of the Norwegian alpine fjords. Not only does the property provide access to more than 5,000 square kilometers of ski terrain and more than 60 mountain peaks, but it also celebrates the unparalleled beauty of the region.

Niehku Mountain Villa is not just a place to stay; it is a luxury sanctuary that promises unforgettable adventures with its spa area and dining room-the beating heart of Niehku-serving substantial and sophisticated dishes rooted in a local approach that changes with the seasons.

With its personal and relaxed atmosphere, this luxurious hotel is more than a stay; it is a complete experience that captures the essence of Nordic skiing and the majesty of the north.

Hotel Niehku aurora boreales esquí

Each of these exclusive destinations redefines the concept of a mountain stay, fusing the thrill of skiing with comfort and elegance.

If you want to live these unique ski experiences, contact a NUBA designer and discover the real winter luxury.


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