Thailand, magic is born with an “I do”.

Ancient and glorious Siam is reborn to rise as one of Asia’s most vibrant and unique countries.

Like incense crackling in the street stalls of imperturbable Bangkok and fading in the current of the all-pervading waters, Thailand presents itself to the traveler in its cities that never sleep, and shimmers in the golden domes of its temples in its saffron-colored sunsets.

A romantic, exotic and unforgettable destination in which to embark on the first journey of your new life.

Sleeping in a bubble under the stars

After a spectacular sunset, and as the starry blanket of night closes over us, we will get ready to enjoy a unique night in a luxurious bubble in the middle of the jungle.

From there we will observe the majestic Thai elephants in their natural habitat, and the unforgettable postcard that the sky will offer us, without a roof to hide behind.

Elephants in bubble lodges in the jungle

The more spiritual side of Thailand

This fantastic country will offer us the opportunity to live a deep and cultural immersion, in which, guided by a monk, we will practice mindful meditation and learn about the beliefs of this discipline in the heart of a Buddhist temple.

Here we will discover that peace and harmony are found within each one of us…

Buddhist monk in front of Hindu statue

Cooking master class

Accompanied by a renowned chef, we will explore the wonderful and bustling markets of the area in search of the best local products, which will become the ingredients that we will later use in the preparation of our dishes.

Ready to experience a true universal connection through food?

pad thai dish

Flying over Bangkok

We will ascend to the sky to fly over the, also known as, “City of Angels”, in a private flight, where we can admire a bird’s eye view of the temples of Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Arun and Wat Pho, the iconic Chao Phraya River, Bang Krachao Island or the Bhumibol Bridge, with the spectacular reddish color of the sunset as a backdrop.

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