Los países más visitados de 2023

Most Visited Countries of 2023

Welcome to a winter world where the thrill of skiing merges with the unparalleled elegance of elite huts!

Therefore, we would like to invite you to the last trip of the year; a journey through time and the map in which to explore the places that have shone with their own light, the destinations that have left their mark on the hearts of our travelers throughout 2023.

Each of these countries tells a unique story of adventure and amazement, and they have been much more than points marked on the map; they have been travel dreams come true, they have been unforgettable and transforming experiences… They have been the proof that each year that comes has new horizons to reveal and discover.

Join us and discover the most visited countries in 2023!

Japan, the garden of the Kami

Just as a torii arch, solemn and perfect, marks the entrance to the great Japanese temples, Japan is the gateway to a world unlike anything ever seen or imagined. A perfect blend of tradition and modernity, the archipelago makes this distinctive character a source of pride and a personal brand that transcends its borders and conquers those who know it. Nara, Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya… These are names you hear all over the world, but only understand once you have been there. Japan is a destination you always want to return to; an island to be shipwrecked on.

Top 2023 experience in Japan

Get away from the most typical Japan and travel by catamaran to the island of Naoshima, an unknown corner of the archipelago entirely dedicated to art, where the everyday becomes extraordinary, giant pumpkins grow by the sea and everything has a certain pop art touch.

Isla de Naoshima

Botswana, the fruits of Okavango

To travel to Botswana is to walk through a land without limits, without boundaries and without fear. One of those places that seem alien to the hand of man. In this paradise of the wildest and purest freedom you can enjoy the best safaris in all of Africa, those in which you just have to sit and wait for the most amazing spectacle to begin. From the burning sands of the Kalahari to the verdant grasslands of the Okavango Delta, the animal kingdom flourishes in all its splendor and invites visitors to care for and enjoy it.

Top 2023 experience in Botswana

Experience, first hand, the largest zebra and wildebeest migration on the African continent and accompany the wild herds on their way to the Makgadikgadi and Nxai Pan plains. A true spectacle of nature, unique in the world.
Avistamiento de zebras en Botswana

Indonesia, the virtue in the difference

What capricious hand threw the green tesserae on the indigo ocean bed to create, in the midst of chaos, the mysterious and peaceful Indonesia? What lips gave him words, songs, stories, prayers and names? Indonesia ‘s more than 17,000 islands make up one of the most complex and heterogeneous portraits to be found anywhere in the world. An interconnected puzzle that holds the secrets of a hundred countries in one.

Top 2023 experience in Indonesia

Cross the shimmering mirror of the sea surface and venture into the depths of the virgin atolls in Sulawesi, a natural paradise for diving. Swim among corals and hundreds of fish species that make up the miracle of life under the sea.
Vista de templos Indonesia

Chile, silver star

Distinctive even in its geography, with a slender and long body stretching across the southern half of the continent, Chile is a place that laughs and enjoys its differences, what makes it special. Lying between the Andes and the Pacific, its nature seems to form a collage in which all colors find a place: the reds and golds of the Atacama Desert, the brown tones of its bronze corraleros, the light blue shining in the lakes of Patagonia and the indescribable white of Tierra del Fuego. In the silence heard at the end of the road, Chile found the most beautiful verses.

Top 2023 experience

Feeling alone with the rugged beauty of Chilean Patagonia in a luxurious lodge lost in the middle of nature. Enjoy one of the most exclusive experiences in the country among mountains, jungles, glaciers or helicopter rides.

French Polynesia, to the sound of palm trees

Explorers, adventurers, castaways, artists and lovers cast their ways to the sea and, as fate would have it, were led to the calm shores of Polynesia, a crystal paradise that floats in hundreds of fragments on the Pacific. Long ago the volcanoes that gave birth to them silenced their voices, giving way to a silence broken only by the rhythmic thundering of the drums, announcing the presence of a people who embrace their ancestral traditions, live in harmony with nature and keep every sunrise in their tattoos.

Top 2023 Experience in French Polynesia

Feel part of the fascinating legacy of Polynesian cultures in the deep Papenoo Valley, where an expert guide will bring to life the legends and treasures of Tahiti, while we explore its wild and incomparable nature by 4×4.
Atardecer en Polinesia Francesa

In every corner explored and every culture embraced, this year we have woven memories that will live on forever in the memory. These destinations have been true bearers of experiences and, with them, we close the book on a year full of discoveries, grateful for every moment shared.

May the adventure continue and may next year take us to even more extraordinary places!


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