Last call for Orient Express passengers…

Hercule Poirot comes back to life. His thick mustache and his old fox look come to the big screen in one of the most mysterious and exciting cases of the 20th century.

The killer in the next car

Murder on the Orient Express, the new film by Kenneth Branagh, arrives in Spain amidst betrayals, lies and a luxury and classy atmosphere unique that will stain with blood the wagons of the famous train.
With a cast of great actors such as Penelope Cruz, Willem Dafoe, Daisy Ridley, Michelle Pfeiffer or Johnny Depp, the mystery film presents us with a classic style, perhaps too much, and extremely faithful to Agatha Christie’s original story and aesthetics. The best detective in the world must unmask the murderer in a train turned mousetrap where no one is who they say they are.

These types of adaptations of literary classics, with better or worse results, attract us to movie theaters like cocaine attracts us to Sherlock Holmes. The opportunity to see the story that made such an impact on our pages pass before our eyes in an abbreviated form gives us a feeling of satisfaction that we paper and film addicts understand very well.
And who would refuse to live the experiences and adventures of our favorite novels? Helping Hemingway’s old sailor to fish, accompanying Dante in his descent into hell, waving the red flag with Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables or falling madly in love with Fermina Daza as the great Gabo did.

Better to live it than read it

We may not be able to do all that, but we do have the opportunity to feel the gentle rattle of the Orient Express on the rails as we travel across Europe. NUBA, through Belmond, offers the incredible Venice-Simplon route as an opportunity to experience someunrepeatable sensations on the legendary mystery train.

With its fully restored original carriages that preserve that Art Deco style so happy 20’s and the most exquisite of styles, the Orient Express offers all the comforts of a grand Victorian hotel. Original marquetry, Lalique glass windows, period uniforms and all the elements we need to rack our bushy moustaches and solve mysteries.
The mythical iron horse has a series of lounges, dining rooms and a bar where you can relax and enjoy meals prepared on the spot with the best ingredients from the countries through which you pass and supervised by the chef Christian Bodiguel; accompanied by the soft melody of the pianist as a garnish.

Luxury compartments

The suite compartments have a living room, private bathroom and large double beds in which to rest rocked by the swaying of the train. In addition, next season will see the premiere of three suites set in the romanticism and magic of Paris, Venice and Istanbul, three of the great cities through which the Orient Express leaves its wake.

With all the luxury, the greatest pleasure of this trip is the breathtaking European landscapes that will be traversed. From a different and uncommon perspective, you will be able to travel through the French countryside at Swiss mountains and the big cities of the old continent without even getting up from the Louis XVI sofa and while sharing an entertaining conversation with another traveler.

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