Tahiti Islands – Dream or reality?

Remote, tropical and exuberant… The Tahiti Islands form a universe where dreams blend with reality. Explorers, adventurers, castaways, artists and lovers were led by fate to the calm shores of Polynesia, a crystal paradise floating in hundreds of fragments over the Pacific.

Mana – the life force of the islands – connects all living beings that find their home there, and is experienced in the rhythm of culture, traditions, environment and nature. A connection to protect, maintain and promote through inclusive and sustainable tourism. The Tahiti Islands are waiting to be discovered by all those willing to preserve their essence, offering in return the opportunity to live some of the most exclusive experiences in the world.

NUBA Experiences

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Picnic on Marlon Brando’s Island

An idyllic setting is presented before us, where we will have the opportunity to enjoy an exclusive picnic among reefs, surrounded by towering palm trees and fine sandy beaches, where we can taste elaborate Tahitian dishes with Michelin star quality, which will delight the most demanding palates.

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Reconnect on your private island

No other place in the world offers the tranquility and natural beauty of this exceptional private island… Living like a real Robinson Crusoe, simply surrounded by the sea and the purest and most exuberant nature, while enjoying all the comforts, will allow us to discover the true meaning of disconnection and privacy. Ready to leave the rest of the world behind?

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In search of the origin of vanilla

Discover the unforgettable aroma of tropical vanilla that fills the air in Le Taha’a, with an expert, with whom we will enter a plantation, embarking on a unique journey to immerse ourselves in the rich flavors of the production of this plant; all before tasting its fantastic local products.

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