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Summer Magic: Finland in the summertime

In the fascinating setting of summer magic, Finland is transformed into a vibrant paradise that fuses rich history with lush nature.

It is not only during the winter that this country dazzles under its blankets of snow; in summer, every corner reveals a unique immersion in Finnish authenticity.

From skies lit by the midnight sun to dense forests and lively festivals, Finland presents itself as the ideal destination to explore during all seasons.

Lagos en Finlandia

Sauna Culture on the Shores of Lake Pihlas

On the shores of Lake Philas, the serene oasis of Pihlas Day Spa is an irresistible invitation to immerse yourself in a universe of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Inspired by the prestigious Pevonia brand, this spa offers meticulously crafted experiences with natural ingredients, providing not only relaxation, but also holistic renewal. The tranquility of Lake Pihlas and traditional sauna sessions complete this retreat, where the stress of the year melts away and serenity will take over.

Experiencia sauna en el Lago Pihlas

Revolving Restaurant in the Puijo Tower

In the middle of nature stands the Torre Puijo. With exciting year-round activities and world-class dining, the restaurant at the top of the tower offers breathtaking panoramic views of the Land of Lakes, towering 75 meters above Lake Kallavesi.

Here, we can enjoy a unique experience in a revolving restaurant, the first of its kind in Scandinavia, which combines delicious local food with breathtaking views.

Restaurante giratorio Torre Puijo

Savonlinna Opera Festival

The gates of the majestic Olavinlinna Castle, whose foundations date back to 1475 and resonate with the enchanting strains of opera since 1912, open to usher in one of Finland’s most important festivals,

The Savonlinna Opera Festival turns this monument into a stage where music and history converge. Staying in a private historic villa that gives us direct access to the heart of the Opera Festival, we will have the opportunity to meet the artists in private with an exclusive backstage pass.

Vista exterior Opera Savonlinna

Island Elegance

Discover the earthly elegance of an exclusive retreat, located on the private island of Inkoo. This sanctuary fuses modern comfort with the pure essence of Scandinavian nature.

You can explore the surroundings on bicycles or relax on the private beach and indulge in authentic Finnish flavors at the local restaurant. With first class services, this boutique hotel becomes the perfect destination for a quiet getaway, inviting us to live unique experiences in the natural beauty that surrounds this private island.

The Baro Finlandia

Finland in summer is not just a destination; it is an encounter with happiness in its truest form.

Contact a NUBA designer and get ready to explore the summer essence of the happiest country in the world!

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