Guatemala, on the road through the Mayan legacy

I had a hard time getting up here. An indecent amount of messy (and dangerous) wooden steps have lifted me up to this place. I settle in as best I can, taking in seat and air alike. I look ahead with the feeling that a curtain is opening before me. Three colors: green, blue and ash brown.
Moved by the views from temple IV of the Tikal National Archaeological Park in Guatemala, I can’t help but imagine a sunset seen from here, in the middle of the jungle, 65 meters above the ground. The idea is tempting, but be warned: there is still a lot to explore.


Mayan Legacy

Guatemala, a superb setting for the Mayan legacy, is one of the undisputed protagonists of the Central America. It is worthwhile to get close to the captivating Antigua. Lose yourself in its colorful streets and street markets where it is easy to nibbling: bracelets, indigenous amulets and real candies: pure sugar. And I am thrilled to discover that there are still places in the world where the ice cream cart is still the same as always: “That’s good ice cream, just one flavor. Made in the home kitchen like in the old days” – boasts our guide.  Everything here is homemade, old-fashioned or historical. A place where things are still done as they used to be done; by slow fire, a seal that is proudly stamped on everything they produce.
Is the greatest reward after a day of walk? A cold Gallo (a typical Guatemalan beer) on the terrace of the Sky Coffee or a good  in the Fernando’s Café -don’t miss the nachos-.

streets of antigua

From Antigua to Paradise

A couple of hours by road from Antigua is possibly the most beautiful place in Guatemala. One of the gates to heaven where time stands still: the Lake Atitlán. It is impossible to miss such a volcanic spectacle (still partially active) or to renounce to a good moment of adrenaline while practicing Canopy.

Lake Atitlan

Nearby, you can hear the hubbub and the clinking: in Chichicastenango is market day or “de plaza” as they call it here. Avocado lovers: you are in luck, Don’t you know where the tastiest ones are?

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