Chile, a magnetic land

A powerful energy invades the traveler who enters Chile for the first time, a pure and magnetic land that will never cease to surprise with its abrupt contrasts. From the imposing Andes mountain range, which guards it so jealously, to the most remote corner where the ice of Tierra del Fuego burns, this country is unpredictable and essential. Discover all it has to offer!

The most authentic Patagonia

Kilometers and kilometers of fjords, isolated areas where silence reigns, untamed nature and endless expanses of ice of impossible blues and whites welcome us to one of the most extensive and spectacular territories of the country, the Chilean Patagonia. Here, we will have the opportunity to experience its maximum authenticity, flying over mountains, rivers and glaciers by helicopter, and then return to our lodge, surrounded by the mighty Andes Mountains, where one of the most exclusive and private experiences awaits us.

Helicopter in mountain Chile

Explorers Glacier

Within the Laguna San Rafael National Park we find an incomparable environment full of natural resources. And inside, we will live one of the most exclusive experiences in the world, resting in an ice camp settled on a millenary glacier, and sleeping surrounded by the most intense blue and the purest white that can be found in Patagonia. Do you dare to undertake this adventure?

Glacier base camp in Chile

Pure nature

Without leaving this region, forests, hills, waterfalls, lakes and privileged views also await the more adventurous, with a collection of experiences with which to activate the adrenaline, such as discovering the imposing Leones Glacier by jet boat, whose eternal ice and icebergs drifting on the lake can be admired from incredibly close, kayaking in the Marble Chapels or rafting on the Baker River, one of the wildest in Patagonia.

Rafting in Chile

A balcony to the stars

Mystical and as if taken from another planet, the Atacama Desert is one of those landscapes that remain forever etched in the memory. Rocks carved for centuries by the wind and lakes that seem unreal give it that lunar aspect, unique in our planet. As the desert lights fade and the night blanket falls over us, the environment is transformed, giving us the opportunity to attend a unique astronomy session, and we are in one of the best destinations in the world to observe the dance of the stars.

Astrology in Chile

The cradle of ancestral surfing

Volcanoes, cliffs and a culture that has miraculously survived the passage of time welcome us to Rapa Nui, one of the most magical, mysterious and remote territories in the world. Famous for its spectacular moais and its natural landscapes, it invites us to know it now from a new point of view, from the sea. Diving into the crystalline waters of the Pacific Ocean, where the volcanic rock bottoms produce perfect waves and tubulars up to 5 meters high is an incomparable experience, only suitable for the most daring. Ready to discover why Rapa Nui is a surfer’s paradise?

Surfing in Chile

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