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5 top destinations for the October long weekend

While nature dresses in warm golden tones and temperatures begin to drop, autumn provides the perfect setting for unforgettable experiences in fascinating destinations.

The magic of the changing seasons intertwines with the beauty of certain places, creating a unique atmosphere that deserves to be explored. Today we present 5 captivating destinations that shine with a special light during this season, becoming autumnal wonders that perfectly combine history, culture, gastronomy and dazzling landscapes.

Do you want to know where to travel in autumn?

Join us to discover 5 top destinations to live a luxury experience during the long weekends of October, November and December!

Istanbul, Turkey
During these months, Istanbul is transformed into an impressionistic painting of autumn colors. The city’s iconic minarets and domes stand out against a backdrop of golden leaves and serene skies. The cool climate invites you to explore the unique blend of cultural influences this city has to offer. From the majesty of Hagia Sophia to the scent of spices in the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul in autumn is a feast for the senses.
Here are our recommendations for your tailor-made trip to Istanbul:

NUBA Experience
Visit an impressive mansion, former residence of a distinguished Pasha, and enjoy the beauty of Ottoman art with the private collection inside, ending with a glorious feast in a dining room fit for a sultan.

Top accommodation
Located in the historic district of Karaköy, we find The Peninsula Istanbul, where luxury and cultural heritage go hand in hand on the shores of the Bosphorus.

Hotel The Peninsula Istanbul

Edinburgh, Scotland
Edinburgh’s medieval charm intensifies in autumn. The soft mist that hangs over Edinburgh Castle and the cobblestone streets creates a mysterious and captivating atmosphere. Cultural festivals and the warmth of traditional pubs offer refuge from the cooler weather. From the Royal Mile to Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh reveals its best-kept secrets this season.
Here are our recommendations for your tailor-made trip to Edinburgh

NUBA Experience
Get up close and personal with the thousands of legends and ghost stories that haunt the city of Edinburgh, on an exclusive night tour, where you will be guided through the narrow cobblestone streets and dark alleys, witnesses of countless supernatural events.

Top accommodation
Beautiful and classic, Gleneagles Townhouse is a boutique hotel with timeless charm located in the heart of the city.

View of Edinburgh at night

Prague, Czech Republic
Prague’s historic buildings come alive in autumn with a stunning palette of colors. The parks and gardens turn golden and reddish, providing a picturesque backdrop to the famous Charles Bridge and Prague Castle. The cozy cafes invite you to enjoy a hot drink, while contemplating the Gothic and Baroque architecture of the city.
Here are our recommendations for your tailor-made trip to Prague:

NUBA Experience
Contemplate the oldest library in Eastern Europe in the Strahov Monastery in Prague; learn its secrets from its director and experience a private violin concert in the same room where the great Mozart composed some of his works.

Top accommodation
A historic villa by the Vltava River… Four Seasons Hotel Prague opens its majestic windows, inviting us to contemplate from them some of the most privileged views of the city.

Interior of the library in the Strahov Monastery in Prague

Burgundy region, France
Autumn is harvest time in France, a time when the country’s wine regions are dyed in vibrant colors. The vineyards turn ocher and gold, creating an incomparable visual spectacle, with castles that cut the horizon, giving a fairytale halo to the French countryside. All this, without forgetting that the season brings with it gastronomic festivals and cultural events, in which to discover and celebrate the country’s rich culinary heritage.
Here are our recommendations for your tailor-made trip to France:

NUBA Experience
Discover the Burgundy region, cradle of gastronomy, confectionery or the cult of good wine. Discover one of the most fascinating routes in the world, not only for the quality of its wines, but also for the mythical stories that surround them.

Top accommodation
Located in Puligny-Montrachet, COMO Le Montrachet welcomes us with the elegance, subtlety and exquisite gastronomy that only one of the most prestigious wine regions in the world could offer.

French countryside in autumn

Wadi Rum, Jordan
In autumn, the remarkable summer heat subsides in Jordan, creating a perfect environment for exploring its historical wonders. From the majesty of Petra, to the healing waters of the Dead Sea, the country offers a unique experience in this season. The contrast between the desert landscape and the ancient monuments is even more impressive in the soft autumn light.
Here are our recommendations for your tailor-made trip to Jordan:

NUBA Experience
A unique experience in which to attend an authentic astronomy class following in the footsteps of the great sages of antiquity. Under the blanket of a clear sky full of stars, we will learn about constellations, planets and galaxies in the desert of Wadi Rum.

Top accommodation
Discovery Bedu Camp offers us the unique opportunity to experience the authenticity of the desert culture and traditions, in a luxury camp from which to observe the incomparable starry sky.

Camping in the Wadi Rum desert with the Milky Way

Istanbul, Edinburgh, Prague, France and Jordan are the ideal destinations to travel to during the long weekend in October, November and December.

If you want to travel priv ately to these exclusive destinations, start designing your tailor-made trip with NUBA.

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