Top 5 Trending Destinations for Incentive Travel in 2023

NUBA Incentivos has consolidated its position as a reference in the design and implementation of unique leisure activities for companies across the five continents, with trips being the ideal tool to motivate and excite both clients and employees.

We have long been making our travelers dream of the most exclusive and fascinating destinations on the planet, with unparalleled activities such as walking inside a volcano in Iceland, flying over the Dead Sea by helicopter to the mythical ruins of Masada, sailing the Caribbean Sea on a schooner to Isla Culebra or dining in the shadows of the temples of Angkor.

Thanks to our more than 27 years of experience generating unforgettable moments, at NUBA Incentivos we strive to offer the maximum personalization and innovation in all the projects we design, until each one of them becomes an unrepeatable experience that ensures the success of the desired objectives.

For all these reasons and as the end of the year is just around the corner, we wanted to create a list for all of you; an elaborated selection of the NUBA Trend Destinations for incentive travel 2023, based on the tastes and demands of our clients, and on our expert vision of the world. Discover them below!

Trendy destinations by NUBA


To travel to Jordan is to walk on the lands whose names and place names mark the parchment pages of the Old Testament; it is to discover the link between East and West in the imposing Petra; and it is to immerse oneself in a culture older than the sands of time, that of the Nabataean people, in the heart of the desert.
NUBA Experiences Incentives
Enter at sunset in the desert of Wadi Rum, and discover the impossible shades of reds and browns that acquires the landscape around us, while enjoying a cocktail enlivened by a pianist hidden among the dunes, and then spend the night in an exclusive camp under the starry sky; Or stroll through the Siq gorge, and reach the end of the road to discover the union between the force of nature and human genius that is the incomparable pink city of Petra, are just some of the unforgettable experiences that our travelers can live in Jordan, a country that we will travel like the ancient Nabataeans, learning and rediscovering its history, as we become the protagonists of our own movie.

Jordan Petra


Egypt is a land of history and stories, home to a civilization whose name is remembered millennia later and capable of awakening the intrepid explorer in all of us. The remnants of the past kept in its museums and the refreshing embrace of the Nile give shape to a country where you feel you can live forever.

NUBA Experiences Incentives
The kingdom of the pharaohs opens its doors to endless possibilities for incentives, such as starting the adventure aboard a luxury motorboat on the mighty Nile River and ending it by celebrating a fantastic gala dinner under the grandeur of the Pyramids in Cairo; or privately accessing the feet of the undaunted Sphinx, discovering all the secrets of the other world alone, and exclusivity and differentiation are always our maxims when organizing the perfect trip.


Like a hidden secret in the Balkans, Albania comes to surprise travelers. Land of wineries, mountains and incredible beaches with crystal clear waters, the lesser known Mediterranean of Europe opens its doors, gaining more and more prominence, as an idyllic destination for incentive trips.

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It is in this little known destination that we can enjoy an exciting jeep safari or a kayak descent through the Karavasta National Park, or an amazing road trip along its roads. We can also get lost in its small villages full of charm and history, such as Kruja, where we can participate in handicraft workshops, or relax on the beaches of turquoise waters less crowded of the Mediterranean coast.

Saudi Arabia desert

Saudi Arabia

What was once one of the most hermetic countries in the world, is now unfolding as a horizon full of possibilities for tourism, where innovation projects always go one step further. Constant hotel openings and several Michelin-starred restaurants make it an impressive destination that will not leave anyone indifferent.

NUBA Experiences Incentives
Did you know that in Saudi Arabia they are building an exclusive hotel complex inside the mountains? Only a country with this ability to surprise would be able to offer such amazing experiences as sleeping, literally, inside the earth.

Albanina beach

European Capitals

As a special recognition, we would like to highlight the European capitals as great destinations for incentive travel. Perhaps because of its proximity, we tend to believe that we have already seen all there is to see and known all there is to know. However, at NUBA we are not satisfied, and we look for the most differentiating experiences that exist to never stop surprising.

NUBA Experiences Incentives
Can you imagine piloting a boat yourself on the canals of Amsterdam or getting behind the controls of a real war tank in Berlin? Attend a carnival party in an authentic Venetian palace, take a trip through the Italian countryside in vintage convertible cars… All this and much more is possible when you trust the experts to organize an unforgettable incentive trip.

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