Hombre de espaldas mirando un cuadro de arte contemporáneo

Madrid becomes the capital of contemporary art

Once again, Madrid is transformed into an artistic oasis by hosting Apertura Madrid Gallery Weekend, a cultural event that marks the beginning of the new artistic season in the capital.

In this celebration, the art galleries simultaneously unveil their exhibitions.

turning the Spanish capital into an epicenter of contemporary art that attracts looks from all over the world.

Organized by the Association of Modern and Contemporary Art Galleries of Madrid, known as Arte Madrid, this initiative is one of the most outstanding at European level, sharing the podium with the famous Gallery Weekend in Berlin. Traditionally, it takes place during the second weekend of September, and this year 2023 is no exception, being held from September 14 to 17.

Five people looking at a painting

The objective of Apertura Madrid Gallery Weekend is clear: to highlight and value contemporary art in all its facets. The exhibitions on display range from the artistic avant-garde to the most recent expressions. Thus, visitors can enjoy a diversity of artistic disciplines, from painting and photography to sculpture and installations, among many others.

This event attracts a diverse audience that includes collectors, experts and art curators from all over the world, who find here a careful selection of works by both Spanish and international artists, consolidating Madrid as a global epicenter of contemporary art for four intense days.

Man and woman looking at a red painting Two women looking at paintings in an art gallery

The 2023 edition will be even more special, as Apertura Madrid Gallery Weekend celebrates its 14th edition with the participation of more than fifty galleries and an impressive line-up of national and international artists. To make these artistic creations accessible to all, galleries will open their doors both physically and digitally, allowing art to reach an even wider audience.

Woman seated with her back turned looking at seven pictures on a wall

In addition to the joint opening of the galleries, which will take place at a special time, Apertura Madrid Gallery Weekend also offers a space dedicated to literature, continuing the collaboration with local bookstores that began in the 2021 edition.

Thus, Apertura Madrid consolidates its position as one of the most outstanding Gallery Weekends worldwide, and the capital city prepares to welcome art lovers from all over the world, celebrating the creativity and talent of contemporary artists in an unforgettable cultural experience.


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